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The Famous American Writer, Charles Dickens

Updated on December 7, 2020
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I finished Psychology and my first love is writing. My favorite subject in college is English literature which I got an A+ grade as well.

One of Dickens' famous novels that's recommended to include in your reading list.
One of Dickens' famous novels that's recommended to include in your reading list. | Source
One Dickens' famous novels that's recommended to include in your reading list.
One Dickens' famous novels that's recommended to include in your reading list. | Source
One of Dickens' famous novels that's recommended to include in your reading list.
One of Dickens' famous novels that's recommended to include in your reading list. | Source

Food for Thought from Charles Dickens

Far the sinking flame of hilarity with the wing of friendship; and pass the rosy wine.

One of Dicken's famous novels that's recommended to include in your reading list.
One of Dicken's famous novels that's recommended to include in your reading list. | Source
One Dicken's famous novels that's recommended in your reading list.
One Dicken's famous novels that's recommended in your reading list. | Source

The Works Of One Of The Famous English Writers Charles Dickens

There are many famous English writers and one of them is Charles Dickens and he began as a journalist. Dickens is an author of English classics such as the Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, Great Expectations and the Bleak House as well. His full name is Charles John Dickens. He became one of the famous novelists during the Victorian era. He spends most of his time writing and became one of the best writers at that time. Charles Dickens is the main cast in plays and have traveled on tours for his books that he wrote. He spent his time editing the book that he wrote, ‘Household Words All The Year Round.’ His fans got hooked with his stories and his writing style, they can’t wait to know what’s going to happen next and his books eventually became bestsellers.

In 1824, Dickens’ father have a financial problem and was imprisoned in the Marshallsea debtors prison. For this reason, he stopped school for a while and worked as a shoepolish boy in a warehouse to support his family. And something good happened, his father was just released from prison after a few months. With the problem that their family went through, this made Dickens became interested in improving the situation in the prison because he wants to help them. For his love of his father, he was able to made other people became involved with his good endeavor on this subject. Dickens also has an organization for women and here, he helped them to have chance to fulfill their dreams to have a big career and go to another country like in England, Australia, or America.

The Life Of Charles Dickens

Let us get to know who is Charles Dickens. He grew up in Chatham, Kent in London. His full name is Charles John Huffan Dickens and he was born on February 12, 1812. At the age of 15, he had a work instead of going to school at the attorney’s office and studied shorthand at night. And after that, he became a shorthand reporter in the courts, worked as a parliamentary and as a newspaper reporter. Dickens contributed short stories and essays to periodicals in the year 1833. The first story that he published was, ‘A Dinner At Popular Walk,’ which appeared in the Monthly Magazine in December 1834. Charles Dickens’ code name is ‘Boz’ when he was a newspaper writer in 1834. His first book is ‘Sketches,’ and it is a collection of stories by Boz which was published in 1836. And with that same year, he got married with Catherine Hogarth and daughter of the editor of the Evening Chronicle. He continued writing for many years. He is the editor of ‘The Daily News House And Words,’ and ‘All The Year Round.’ As a writer, he had connections to magazines and newspapers and he was able to write fiction. After he and his wife separated, he had an affair with a young actress named Ellen Ternan. Charles Dickens became a great novelist and his books were used in plays, television and films. I actually got my love for English literature from my Aunt who has an MA of American literature in Stanford University. And I’ve read two books from her, I can’t exactly remember but this was when I was in high school I guess, the 1st one was Great Expectations and the 2nd one was Bleak House by Charles Dickens.

An Overview Of The Book Great Expectations

The story of Great Expectations was based in England and a 7 yr-old boy named Philip an orphan, was sent by his stepfather named Joe to work in the house of Miss Harshan, an affluent woman. Philip lived with his older sister Mrs. Joe and with his stepfather who is a blacksmith. While visiting his parents' tomb, Philip met a convict, Abel Magwitch and he was famished and asked food and Philip felt pity for this man and he gave him food. One day, Philip went to Miss Harshan and here he met Estella, her adopted daughter. A guy visited Miss Harshan's place and asked to talk to Philip and he wants to recruit him to become a gentleman or a soldier. Miss Harshan and Estella somehow belittled him that’s why he felt sad and thought of quitting his job as the one who assists his somehow kind stepfather Joe the blacksmith and decided to enlist himself as one of the soldiers. But you can see the with the twist of the story here, Estella actually turned out to be the daughter of Molly. On the other hand, Abel Magwitch went to see Philip and told him that he will be his benefactor. And Magwitch was the father of Estella.

Miss Harshan is a wealthy woman who owns a brewery business. She had a man that she is suppose to marry, but her family warned her not to trust this man, Miss Harshan's wedding was jilted with this man that’s why you can see Miss Harshan's emotion of being in despair can be seen in her house, you can see cobwebs in her place and the furnitures are in the same place just like before. He sort of liked Estella but the interesting part of the story is Miss Harshan used Estella as an instrument to get revenge to men the same like the person who gave her heart break. She trained Estella to become cold hearted. He returned to his place and Philip already became a gentleman, and he and Estella fell in love with each other.

An Overview Of The Book Bleak House

The story is narrated by Esther Summers. A man named John Jarndyce has an amount of wealth and prepared a last will and testament. Another important character of the story is Lady Dedlock she had a sad love story because this certain guy named Tulkinghorn didn’t give the letters from her lover. He was trying to ruin Lady Dedlock and her partner who are falling in love with each other. It shouldn’t be like that because it is their right to fall in love and they shouldn’t try stop them. Lady Dedlock was certainly unhappy because of the wicked Tulkinghorn. While Judy and Harold Skynpole is a couple who got very joyful because they are soon going to be one of the possible recipients of Mr. John Jarndyce wealth.

Charles Dickens, the novelist has written bestseller books, they have unforgettable and great stories that's why they created movies for this. The 1st novel is the 'Bleak House,' who is starred by Gillian Anderson and the 2nd novel is the 'Great Expectations,' who is starred by Gwyneth Paltrow. You can use these movies for filmshowing in the whole class of college students and they will surely enjoy it. The movie which are taken from the literary books have interesting plots and surprising twists in the stories and the students will surely learn many things from them. The beautiful true meaning in their stories can be found in these books.

Words Of Wisdom From Charles Dickens

A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human created to be that is constituted to profound secret and mystery to every other.


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