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The Radiant Lights of Darkness

Updated on March 24, 2014

I am beautiful, with my rainbow of splendor.

I burst from your grip to tell of its secrets.

You deceived me into following you.

But oh morbid Darkness, there's no life in you.

You were the beauty of the morning, but your darkness prevailed.

All of your beauty is gone because of your treachery.

Don't discourage me because of your fate.

I am The Radiant Light of Darkness;

and I shine with greatness.

I am not vain glory, but very humble hues.

My brightness shines, minus the shades of you.

You try to hinder me into obscurity, but that didn't do.

So you deal with your darkness as I emerge from you.

My light is evident, like the light of the moon.

As Light shines out of darkness and comprehended it not.

I tell the story, of my Rainbow Light.

My mystifying burst of colors,

are like molten lava erupting from a volcano.

Who gave such beauty and splendor,

the maker, creator and sustainer?

The Creator of all things, who spoke to the dark.

He called to the Light to come from among it;

For what fellowship have you to mingle in obscurity.

But I, even I, murk around amongst the dark.

Looking for dimness that might illuminate from my spark.

But it won't receive from me; it refuses to yield to me.

Oh! morbid darkness, once upon a time, you had zeal.

You cast shadows, now your fate is sealed.

Now ruined forever, such a twisted end.

Oh Rainbow Light of Lights, why so obscure, why so backslidden;

Don't let the demise of the defeated creep upon your beauty.

So hidden, so deeply hidden, so far away in the trenches.

A powerful surge that has emerged, drawing you from the very distorted distance.

A burst of an array, of colors so amazing

and oh how captivating.

Receive from the light and weave your way into,

the rays of the distant light.

Pull up from out of the gloom of the dark

it's you that is left behind.

Make your way to the bright of the day

and leave your enemy behind.

Your air of beauty is so whispery and alluring, as it sparkles with the essence of you.

Don't make the mistake that your beauty is what makes you stand out from the dark.

For in the end, your beauty will transcend to something much greater than you.

If beauty is fleeting, as words of old, have expressed in it's opinion;

then beauty within, can do the same and become twisted and distorted.

Radiant Lights of Darkness, you have prevailed from the depths of the dark.

You illuminated the way to the brightness of day and your association has been rewarded.


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    • profile image

      Kathy Carr 3 years ago

      Thanks Eiddwen, I guess I'm just getting warmed up. That seems to be a better flow for me to picturize poetry. I love it. God Bless!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

      A great poem along with vivid images. A full package and looking forward to so many more.