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What a Cow and a Cat Meant to a Little Bird

Updated on March 29, 2011

In the Begining

In the beginning, there was a little bird who, like any other little bird;

Flew south for the winter and north for the summer;

South for the winter and north for the summer;

South for the winter an north for the summer.

Finally one year, this particular little bird got sick of the endless seasonal commute and decided not to fly south for the winter any more.

So one day he said to his friends, “friends,” he said, “I’m not flying south for the winter any more. Starting this year I am making my stand here.

The little bird’s friends all told the little bird he was crazy and tried to talk the little bird into flying south.

The little bird replied “No, I’ll be fine, I’ll just build my nest up nice and warm.”

Well, try as they may, the little bird’s friends had no luck convincing the little bird into flying south.

A Cold Winter

Winter approached and the seasons changed; the temperature began to drop, and the little bird’s friends all began to fly south for the winter.

With no friends around, the little bird began the task of building his nest up for the winter, which finally arrived.

It began to get cold. I mean it really began to get cold. As a matter of fact, it got so cold that the little bird began to think that not flying south may not have been the best idea.

The little bird said to him-self “self,” he said, “maybe I made a mistake… maybe I should have flown south for the winter.”

Flying South: A Hard Landing

So the little bird began to fly south.

He flew and he flew and he flew. The longer he flew, the colder it got. The colder it got, the more tired he got, and the more tired he got the colder it got.

Finally, the little bird could not take it anymore, and he crash landed in a farmer’s field.

Well, there was a cow in the farmer’s field and the cow strolled over and dumped a load on top the little bird.

The little bird thought to himself “self,” he thought, “If this isn’t the pits. I mean, here I am about to expire my last breath and this cow dumps a load on me.”

Well, the manure started seeping into the his feathers and he started to get warm.

As a matter of fact, he started getting mighty warm.

Actually, he got so warm that he began to get cheer up.

As a matter of fact, .the little bird got so cheerful that he started to chirp.

An Inquisitive Cat

Well, there was a cat wandering around the farmer’s field. The cat heard the bird chirping. The cat said to himself “self,” he said, “I haven’t heard a bird chirping in these parts since they all flew south for the winter. So the cat investigated and came across a cow-pie.

The cat said to him-self, “self,” he said; “I do believe that the chirping is coming from that cow-pie.”

So, the cat scraped away the manure, and lo and behold – there was the little bird.

Well, the cat ate him.

The Moral of the Story

Now, the moral of this story is three fold:

Number one, he who dumps on you is not necessarily an enemy.

Number two, he who takes dung from you is not necessarily a friend.

Finally, and most important, if you are warm and comfortable but in a pile of manure, keep your loud mouth shut.


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