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The Little Christmas Music Box

Updated on August 24, 2014

Introduction & Background

The Little Christmas Music Box was a poem I wrote when I was thirteen years old. Now, at the age 26, I revisit this poem from an adult perspective.

At the time this poem was written, I was just entering the turbulent years of adolescence. Like so many others, my teenage years were no "walk in the park"---they were a time of self-consciousness and self-discovery.

When I was thirteen, my parent's finalized their divorce. In gathering belongings that I would take with me to my father's new apartment, I sorted through a hope chest containing various childhood belongings of mine. I came across a small Christmas-themed music box given to me when I was a small child.

I recalled the delight that music box brought me throughout the years. Eagerly I opened the cover of the music box, anticipating that I would hear it's familiar tune, the sound that once brought me so much joy during the holiday season. Much to my dismay, the music did not play.

I took the music box to be symbol of my departure from childhood joy and naivete, thereafter writing this poem.

The Little Christmas Music Box

There was a little Christmas music box,
From my mom it came,
Opened up the cover,
That is how it sang.

It sang a sweet tune,
One I can't remember,
Because little Christmas music boxes,
Don't sing forever.

I'd open up the cover,
Hoping while I listened,
To hear something, anything,
To tell me what was missing.

I'd try it every day,
Doing whatever I could,
But I knew what was missing,
It was my childhood.

The little Christmas music box,
Represented the child in me,
The childhood I once had,
That no longer I could see.


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