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Little Prince and Pacu Guffaw over Lambs for a Dame

Updated on June 9, 2021
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author who loves to share her children's stories with her readers!

Mom wouldn't speak, until one glorious day, Little Prince's Dad snapped her out of it!
Mom wouldn't speak, until one glorious day, Little Prince's Dad snapped her out of it! | Source

The Knights Guarded the Fortress and Guffawed

In a faraway country, an old, rich woman who lived in a palace bore a son. She thought her husband had given up his responsibilities because he was nowhere to be found after her child was delivered. Her hefty palace had eighty rooms, and its halls echoed with the bustle of knights moving beside beautiful dancing horses.

There was much laughter there every day. The old ladies’ son grew into a fine gentleman, and she encouraged everyone to utter, and smile, and made sure they had a hearty guffaw every day. She wanted her prized son to thrive! She deeply desired he be in fine spirits every day. The mother loved to admire his air when she considered the complications surrounding her noble husband.

Every day while the knights were guarding her fortress, the woman sat on her windowsill, gaping at her son’s splendid portraits sadly. All this time, the baby boy grew into an excellent child. Since his mom adored him, everyone eagerly cared for him. His nanny or his aunt often fed him a plate of sinfully delicious treats. They clothed him in handmade housecoats and apparel. The family servants named him, “Little Prince,” and he too owned a sister named Penelope. They made sure to entertain them until they had scores of belly laughs. Their mother felt this was the best way to bring up her kids.

A Wedding Was Planned for Little Prince's Great Uncle

The Little Prince’s finest friend was Pacu. Her job was to gather the mountain lambs every morning. She would lead them to the town gate and made sure no one wandered off. Each day she quietly led them in procession as they, "baa, baa, baa," and Little Prince listened and enjoyed a flash of solace devoid of mirth for some reason, or another. He surprisingly forgot his merry folly for a fleeting second. When he saw the wretched countenance of his momma, he wished she was cheery like him!

One day, when Little Prince turned fifteen, he received an invitation to a wedding bash. All the ladies and knights were to attend. At noon, his great-uncle, whom he knew not, would announce the name of his future bride. His uncle chose the Little Prince’s pompous palace for his wedding and planned to marry a Princess.

The old woman sat staring at her son’s portraits again. She pondered how her long-lost husband waned. She awfully missed him and felt an awful void inside. Even so, when her son gave her the letter of invitation, she had to snap out of her yawning days to prepare her most excellent gown ever. She ordered her knights and gracious servants to set up the ballroom for her brother’s nuptials.

Pacu guffawed over her lambs with a harp.
Pacu guffawed over her lambs with a harp. | Source

Don't Be Foolish; Attend the Country Wedding Just as You Are!

To cheer the old, rich woman, Pacu bid her to take a stroll as she played a jingle on her harp. She signaled her mountain lambs to baa, baa, baa to a sweet melody. Before they had gone far, an old man in a purple velvet cloak rode upon a beautiful, white stallion.

“Can you tell me the path to the castle? I’m required to attend a majestic country wedding this afternoon, and I've lost my way.”

“We’re going there ourselves. Why don’t you come along with us Sire?”

Then the old man walked beside them and shepherded his horse. As they walked, Pacu played a harmonious melody on her harp, and the old woman along with the man gazed into each other’s eyes. They fell madly in love. At last, just as they arrived at the palace gates, the man plunged to his knees and proposed to the old woman.

“Don’t be foolish,” she said steadfastly, while her heart was thumping for love of him. “How could you marry a pathetic, old woman? Find a happy, young woman at the wedding gala tonight, and marry her instead.”

Little Prince's Mom Married Her Husband Once More

“No, don't say that,” he cried! “Come to the country wedding just as you are. Bring Pacu along with all these lambs and I’ll honor you before everyone. I'll tell them you're the divine bride of my aspirations."

He gave her a fine hug, leaped on his horse, and clattered towards the castle gates. The woman fretfully and timidly stared after him until he vanished over the horizon. She was sure there was something in him that reminded her of her children; nevertheless, she couldn't quite put her finger on it exactly yet.

That day the palace bulged with warmth, joy and harmonious song. Everyone danced the samba; tango and cha-cha, while the old woman, her brother and Little Prince sat by an elaborate dinner table to take in the celebrations. All day, the guests danced and ate to their heart's content. During the evening, Pacu came in from the kitchen with her gentle lambs and boldly played a heavenly song on her harp.

“Who is this? How dare she,” the guests murmured? Pacu bravely stood! She declared the old man, and the old woman should marry too since they had met and fell in love on their way here today. Everybody agreed and curtsied before them, and the old man asked the old woman’s hand in holy matrimony.

The man kissed the old woman, and a wave of confidence overcame her. She realized the man was beyond a shadow of a doubt, Little Prince’s Dad, whom she assumed had gone away a long time ago. She became extremely emotional that moment and turned into a stunning, bright woman on the fly. Little Prince was wholly grateful to have his mom in good humor. She became cheery like him, too! He kissed his mom on her cheek, and she hugged him firmly and whispered in his ear.

Pacu eloquently played heavenly music for the wedding guests on her awesome harp.
Pacu eloquently played heavenly music for the wedding guests on her awesome harp. | Source

I Love You! We Are Blessed to Have Found Your Missing Dad!

“I love you son! Now, we’re blessed to have your missing dad who endured a spate of forgetfulness, when you were born."

“Yes, Mom, I’ can’t wait to play ball with him again!”

Everyone cried buckets of happy tears and enjoyed a belly laugh from the Little Prince's chit chats. His parents joyously rekindled their wedding vows, and every person in the far-off country lived happily ever after.

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© 2012 Sheila Craan


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