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The Little Rocket That Could

Updated on September 21, 2017
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Sheila is a kids' picture book author who loves to share her moving children's stories with her readers!

Well at First the Little Rocket Couldn't Fly

Once upon a time, there were two boys who longed to fly a rocket in the sky. They played with large kites at a neighborhood park on breezy days. They were not satisfied with the power of the wind that propelled their colorful, handmade kites.

After school one day they decided to build two toy rockets one red and the other yellow. Joey was handy at building motors and hence, placed one in each rocket. And Gino created a huge fan so they could take wing. They made certain to build a beautiful cabin because they wanted to tag along for the outing.

On a Saturday afternoon, they tested their rocket cabins and set out on a dirt road. The engines fluttered for a spell and then they moved forward with vigor. They were able to manipulate and direct the engines of their rockets with a remote steering wheel on the ground. Except, it couldn’t fly!

Sara Broke Into the Rocket's Computer

While Joey and Gino were out trying their super rockets their Aunt Sara was busy at work. She was an exceptional scientist who had created a special rocket that could hover and simulate its surroundings on the fly, the first of its sort. She labored with robots that hung on her words and did whatever she commanded. There was one coworker who disliked Aunt Sara and was envious. And so she sabotaged Sara’s experiment and placed an evil chip in one of the androids.

When it was time to test the extraordinary rockets everything seemed fine. The countdown went well, except they couldn’t fly into the horizon. Sara’s jealous worker started to press all the buttons on a command panel. She made believe she was trying to fix the situation. Only, instead of mending Sara’s broken rockets, she managed to tap into Joey and Gino’s Rocket Computers.

The Little Rocket Certainly Took Off One Day and Flew into Outer Space.
The Little Rocket Certainly Took Off One Day and Flew into Outer Space. | Source

They Flew Over the Horizon for the First Time

Suddenly, Joey and Gino’s rockets began to soar and they were amazed. Gino couldn’t believe it! For the first time in his lifetime, he was flying. They were both exhilarated! They each had their dogs with them too. And the pups barked and wagged their tails when the rocket cabins took off.

The sky was glorious and the boys were not afraid to leave their hometown. Just as they were fading over the earth, they noticed black enemy spaceships. These enemy spaceships were on a quest to destroy the new space station on the moon that Aunt Sara helps build.

Gino tried to distract the rival spaceships, while Joey cleverly landed on one of their outer space wings. The enemy ship noticed Gino and they pursued him with fervor. They fired little bullets at Gino, but he sidestepped them. He flew them to an open airspace area and the space police noticed the villains.

Joey's Dream Was to Fly Into Outer Space

If only I could fly into space, except, I truly know this is impossible.
If only I could fly into space, except, I truly know this is impossible. | Source

The Space Police Arrested the Enemy Space Ships

Joey saw what happened and he alerted the proper authorities who quickly signaled his aunt for help. Aunt Sara was appalled at her coworker but was satisfied her experiment worked with her nephew’s homespun rockets. She signaled her nephews to land on the moon and the space police overtook the enemy starships. Within minutes the police charged the enemy spaceships and arrested the men behind the space station takeover.

Aunt Sara hastily put on spectacular space gear and removed the wayward chip in her robots and then entered her exceptional rocket. Within fifteen minutes she was on the moon and landed in her superb space station.

“My nephews are my heroes, she cried!” She gave them each a trophy and a huge hug. She set out to devise a spectacular space station party. She was able to fly Gino and Joey’s entire class to the moon. Joey explained how he built his rocket cabins. Gino was more interested in observing the stars and planets with a huge telescope.

My First Trip to the Moon

Perhaps, They'll Discover a World of Alien People

“I can’t wait to explore these new worlds.”

“Well, now that you are superb scientists, I imagine you can help to craft another grand rocket that can withstand the air pressure of flying into these newly sacred airspaces.”

“Can we get our classes and school involved in this quest as well, cried Joey?

“Why of course, Aunt Sara said, with pleasure!”

The entire class hurrahed and couldn’t wait to get started on this spectacular space project.

“Perhaps, we’ll discover a new world with alien people, one boy stated.”

“I doubt it, but we will see, said Joey!”

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© 2014 Sheila Craan


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