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Our Treasured Principal

Updated on September 4, 2014

You are the Sun,

That dispels the darkness from the Earth.

The Seven rays that you emit

Are the noble truths that bathe us in virtues full of warmth.

We are lucky to be born in this planet,

With a living Messiah among us;

Who make this place even better than paradise.

If one asks, “who is higher than the sky?”

The answer is very simple with only three letters;

It is ‘YOU’ our torch-bearer,

Who live in the highest regions of our estimation.

The words that come out of your mouth

Are like pellets of Ice falling from heaven,

After a gasping summer day.

I gape in wonder at your benevolence,

And bow myself to get your benediction.

Alas! My resource of ink will run short

To make a pen-picture of yours.

I pray to Almighty,

To keep the candle of your life

Burning in Heaven,

And make you live a thousand years.

It is ‘YOU’ our dearest Principal

Who will live to infinity,

And give Students like us,

A feeling of optimism.


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    • debanjana das profile image

      debanjana das 3 years ago

      one of the most fascinating poems i have eva read

    • profile image

      sahar 3 years ago

      old memories got rejuvinated..

    • profile image

      Debolina De 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Debolina De 3 years ago

      Brought back the sweet memories