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The Lord Has Carried Me

Updated on October 29, 2012

The Lord Has Carried Me

All my life the Lord has been there for me whenever I needed someone to rely on,

So a few years ago I gave my life back to him, for him to use as he sees fit,

I don’t have to wonder where I will end up when I die,

I know for certain that I will meet Jesus and he will answer all my questions in time,

I will be with my Lord when I depart this earth and at his feet I will sit,

All my suffering and pain which has plagued me for years will finally be gone.

I have made him the center of my life and it was so easy once I decided,

He is like the motor which runs a fan, he runs my life, and without him I could not go on,

Every morning when I get up, one of the first things I do is get my coffee and sit and listen for the Lord,

I talk to him too during this time it is soothing and brings my life into accord,

After my time with God I am ready for the day, and I feel like life’s battles can now be won,

Then I am ready for whatever Satan throws at me for I have the Savior on my side.

I never dreamed that my Lord could carry me through even the roughest of times,

I have found that if I have any problem, I just give it to the Lord and he takes care of it,

At first when I started doing this I tried to ask God to do things my way,

But it wasn’t long until I learned even my well meaning wishes weren’t always fit,,

Slowly I began to understand his will was right and trusting him was the only way,

Now I don’t beg and plead for my will to be done,

My Lord knows all and everything comes out perfectly fine.

The Lord has carried me through so much pain and heartache,

But, I have learned that his plans for me are not to be questioned,

My faith and love for Him grows deeper every day,

I have never regretted giving my life back to him in any way,

He will carry me on to my new home in Heaven someday.

He is my rock, my Savior, my Lord,

And I will forever let him carry me through all the tough times here on earth.


Pamlia Wall



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    • Anil and Honey profile image

      Anil 5 years ago from Kerala

      Man is hero with god but he is zero without God.

    • Anil and Honey profile image

      Anil 5 years ago from Kerala

      'Mas is hero with God but he is zero without God', Thanks