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The Lot Chapter Six

Updated on March 11, 2010


Tim hid his addictions well. It had been two months since the boatyard closed and Tim was having a hard time finding another job. It wasn't finding a job that was difficult, he had several job offers but none that would provide more income then he received from unemployment. Lisa had started working as a cashier at the local supermarket and Tim stayed home with TJ. This was fine while TJ was home but when the child went to school Tim was crawling the walls in boredom.

The first slip occurred after his big interview in Portsmouth. He had driven hours to be in Portsmouth for the interview only to be told that he was overqualified. The boatyard needed people with less experience since the pay scale did not match the work performed. Tim was totally distraught at the end of the interview. He went into a hotel went into the lounge and took a seat.

"What can I get ya" asked a young man of about twenty five.

"Give me a Bud and a shot of Crown>" said Tim "Make it a double of crown."

After several more drinks Tim knew he could not drive home so he called Lisa and said he had problems with the car. After acquiring a room at the hotel Tim proceeded to take his seat at the bar permanently for the night. It was a long night and Tim did not know how he got there but he woke up dressed laying on the hotel room floor.

When he woke up it was afternoon and he had missed checkout time. Since he felt the pains of his overindulgence he thought it would be better to stay another night. He called Lisa and said his car was in a garage getting repaired and wouldn't be ready until the next day. Tim hated lying to Lisa but right now the truth would hurt her even more. Lisa and TJ were everything to him and he hated himself for lying but he knew that right now the truth would hurt Lisa even more. He promised himself that morning that he would not fall back into old habits and he would talk to Lisa about it as soon as he could.

The last time he was drinking turned into a weekend of horror. It was just before his son was born he had been out with his friends playing pool. There was a stranger in the bar his friend had sold the stranger some drugs not realizing that the guy was an undercover police officer. The guy walked out of the bar just before the police came rushing in with guns drawn. Although Tim did not get arrested when he returned home he was excessively angry. When Lisa asked him what was wrong he had started to scream at her. She ran to bed and locked the door, It was not until morning that Tim realized what he had done. He was never more sorry in his life and proceeded to seek treatment so nothing like that would ever happen again.

Life had been much better when he was sober.  He enjoyed being with his family.  He enjoyed going to work he even enjoyed the weight loss that followed his abstinence of alcohol.  He was proud of his life and never wanted to return to the drug but this time he just could not control himself.


She knew, she had spent years dealing with Tim and his alcoholism and she knew he had been drinking as soon as he came through the door. Not only could she smell it but she could see it in his eyes. Tim was a lot of things but a good liar he was not. Lisa pretended not to notice as she knew Tim was under tremendous pressure in his life. He seemed lost without a job even though she was working and the bills were getting paid Tim paced and seemed impatient most of the time.

Lisa wanted to confront her husband but was afraid of his reaction.  He had snapped at her when she suggested that he might be suffering from depression.  She loved Tim and was ready to stand by him no matter what but she feared the return of his handicap.  Her job was boring and not at all what she wanted to be doing yet she continued to do it happily knowing she was doing what was best for her family.


T.J. looked up to his dad, he was proud of the big strong man that was his father. He knew something had changed his dad was home and his mom was at work. His mother also seemed different when dad was around. His father also acted strange sometimes and smelled funny.

He missed waiting with his mom for his dad to get home from work. His dad would play wth him while mom was getting supper ready. He also missed his mom picking him up from school she always asked about his day and sometimes stopped for ice cream on their way home. His dad picked him up now and even though he always was friendly to T.J. it was not the same as mom.

Sometimes when dad was acting funny T.J. was afraid of him.  Not that he thought his dad would hurt him it was just that he missed his old dad and did not like the daddy who smelled and acted funny. 

Tim was not aware of this at this time!


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