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My Eternity

Updated on December 13, 2014

My Eternity

When I think of my special someone, I think of the most wonderful man I've ever met.

Even though I haven't met him yet.

He'll be so kind hearted and he'll love me from the depths of his soul.

He'll never hurt me or treat me cold.

He'll always protect me and keep me away from harm.

He'd never put his hands on me and always remain calm.

He'll always be honest with me, he'll never tell a lie.

For me he'd lay down his life, for me he'd die.

And with him I'd spend the rest of my life being his wife.

You see the man is true, he doesn't play games.

And for this man I'd do the same.

I'd love him from the depths of my soul, I'd never treat him cold.

I'd love honor and cherish him, even when we're gray and old.

I'd always protect him and keep him safe from harm.

I'd keep my femininity and woo him with my womanly charm.

I'd always protect him and never tell a lie.

For him I'd lay down my life, for him I'd die.

© 2014 Cherish Chi


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