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The Love Shack

Updated on April 13, 2011

I just like this.

I'm at the river and Marc is talking to me.

"So I wrote a song for the band that I manage." He says to me, exhaling a plume of gray smoke.

"I didn't know you did that." I say.

"What?" He asks turning to me. "Manage a band.


"Yeah, remember my girlfriends band?" He asks dropping his cigarette, lighting another.


"Well, I took over as the manager. I'm basically the manager."

"Nice..." I reply. A bird slows to a stop and lands gingerly on the spruce tree swaying slowly in the breeze.

"Yeah," he continues. "Well, I mean I write songs."

"Oh." I reply. "That's more like your the song...guy."

"Well, I manage to write songs." He says. "I manage the song aspect of the band."

"Oh, right." I say.

"I mean bands are basically only there to sing songs."

"I guess."

Marc squints a little, shielding his eyes from the waters glare. "I manage the single most important aspect of the band, Joseph."

"I see."

"Yeah." he says in a sternly quiet voice.

Silence pervades for a minute. Marc is drinking something from a thermos.

"So, uhh..Like what are some of the songs that you've managed?" I ask breaking the moment.

"Well," He begins, "One is a lot like Love Shack. It's a lot like...well you know Love Shack, right?"

"Yeah, I say. "B-52's."

"Right, it's a lot like that." He answers stubbing out his cigarette.

"Like how so?" I ask quietly, wondering if he's going to light another cigarette, which he then does. I take a drag on my own and supress a sneeze.

"What do you mean how?" He asks me, giving me a look of scornful condescension. "It sounds a lot like it. How do you think?"

"Well, I mean what, do you sample Love Shack? Or..."

"Kind of." He replies.


"I mean I used the same melody.

I purse my lips, nodding. "Hmm..."

Another moment goes by. I stare at the setting sun.

"'s like, thematically similar?" I ask diplomatically.

"Right," He answers. "Well, I mean it's the exact same melody as Love Shack.

" the chorus?" I ask. I stub out my cigarette now and he offers me one of his which I take and stick behind my ear.

"Pretty much all the way through." He answers. "It goes to the tune of Love Shack."

"Ok, so like the words..." I say

"Yeah, I wrote new lyrics." He says.

"Ok, nice." I say feeling like I understand now.

"Actually the words are mostly the same." He says after a beat.

I can't help but turn to look at his stony face. "Mostly." I say.

"Well, I changed it from Love Shack to Fuck House."


"I mean what is a love shack but a fuck house anyway? I updated the song. It's called art Joe. You have to stay current."

The last of the quiet moments begins and ends suddenly. "It's a good change." I say.



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