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The Love for My Lord

Updated on March 3, 2013

Lord, oh how you have been the apple of my light

The light that allows me to shine

My confidant as whom I define

As my treasurer, the one in who I confide

Lord, you have been my rock full of steel stone

The one who I am proud to say

Has been my backbone

I am greatly proud that you have chosen me

To be your child

For an eternity

So I'd like to smile

I am yours Lord

And You are Mine

I honor you, with the gift of my devine,

Devine nature, as I love you and speak to you through my soul

The things that I tried to hide

Are the very things that you had already known

You are my shepherd that I shall not want

So I'll praise you Lord

I'll shout and I'll stomp

As you have been an AMAZING GOD to me

So I'd like to take this vow

To say, that I promise that I will continue to keep my faith

Give you Great reps

As I take this bow

I love you, Lord

The Almighty

The Best God by far

The spark that keeps me going,

The one who has shed me from the enemy

My Number one Teacher,

The one who has help me to stand

Surely keeps me shining as a star

From whom I have learned plenty

So I give you this lord, my heart and my love

You deserve it, so there you are

I have spoke it all

So I'll shall see blessings await

And I'll tell you all about it

The next time that you answer

When I give you a call


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