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The Loving Servant

Updated on April 25, 2013

The Lord's Loving Servant

Hi All,

I hope you are having a wonderful day and the weather is nice. If the weather is not nice I hope this poem brightens your day.

I wrote this poem with my spiritual master in mind because he is so kind. He is some one that I would want to follow in their shoes as I endeavor to become a better person. The way he lives his life following the four principles of goodness (also called regulative vedic principles), is amazing. The principles are no meat eating, no intoxication, no gambling, no illicit sex.

There are many of us who practice these principles as aspiring servants of Lord Krshina or Visnu, but it is the kindness that my spiritual guide Bhir Krishna Goswami has for me and all other living beings that touches my heart. I wrote this poem with him in mind. I sincerely hope it please you all.

The Loving Servant

A great and grand beautiful mind you will find,

Once you meet a pure and true servant of God,

They will open your eyes by being so kind,

Finding such a person in this world is odd.

When you find a devotee honor them well,

They will do their best to guide you in this life

Remember them well and honor where they dwell,

It is the guru who removes this life’s strife.

Show love to the guru just by being good,

Think of the Lord’s devotee as a good friend

Live the life doing good works as we all should

Strive for true perfection until this world end.

The real goal is to go back home to God head

Do not live this life in a whimsical way,

Start the spiritual path before you are dead,

Learn to love all living beings is what I say.


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