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The MIST [inspired by Hitman Reborn]

Updated on July 23, 2011

Illusions... or real illusions. Within the illusions hide real illusions... from the real illusions, the illusions are created. Within the truth hides the lie... within the lie hides the truth. That is the Mist."-Mukuro Rokudo

The mist:

You came to me with that wine of yours in one hand, tempting

Swaying my world to the extreme when breathing was tormenting

You held out that hand of yours promising a world of solitude

Yet back then I never understood those words, or their magnitude

Then you shattered my crystal world and walked away

And I was left with the bitter present that swayed me away

You absence smothered me like the mist, uneasy yet painstaking

And then my whole world went crashing, my soul crumbling

Like a crystal ball that loses its purpose I was laid

On the floor broken, yet my dues I have paid

It was like a dream, a mist that smothers reality into an illusion

Like haze that deems you a worthy victim, its own specimen

A victim I was, toyed till the very end

And the illusion with reality was bound to blend

Yet which was it an illusion or a real illusion

For all I know my heart and soul are in confusion

And I was your toy, for the time being the excitement in your illusionary worlds

And you toyed with my spirit, hiding lies within what sounded like truthful words

Shackled to the past I have found myself measured, weighed and found yearning

With tears begging to feel the lies come to life, with a heart demanding and aching

Yet in reality was an illusion, and the converse was true

And with you walking away life lost its hue

Yet that is the mist, terrifying yet deceiving

Tormenting yet sometimes life saving and relieving

And I wanted to find your hand within the mist that was circulating

Yet I fell into the dark with my treacherous mind and world collapsing

Falling, yet hoping for me to break free from your illusion

Yet begging for my heart and illusionary one to bind in fusion

Was it reality or an illusion that bound us together?

Was it those words of love you spoke to be that made me surrender?

Indeed that is the mist devious, treacherous and devilish

Yet I wanted you all for myself, was that selfish?

And again I beg for answer, as I address my inquiry to the mist

Yet, there is extreme emptiness in the empty world of the mist


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    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikkij504gurl 5 years ago from Louisiana

      good one sara!! I like the idea of this mist. truth in lies, lies in truth. I've been there before.

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 5 years ago from Lebanon

      Nikki thanks for liking it, i got inspired after watching a great episode of Katekyoushi hitman reborn. Now that anime and episode were simply EPIC:D

      as always thank you for your comments, and trust me i have also been there before :DD:

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikkij504gurl 5 years ago from Louisiana

      hmm i will check out the anime. I am still on Uraboku lol.

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 5 years ago from Lebanon

      well nikki what do you think of Uraboku??? For me LUka was swooooooooooon material :D:D I do hope there will be another season :D:D

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikkij504gurl 5 years ago from Louisiana

      oh yes i swoon lol. I find it kind of funny and the gay(ish) parts are hilarious like when yuki awakes from his dreams of LUKA lol and hes all like wtf?

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 5 years ago from Lebanon

      of all the people I KNOWWWWWWWW the whole intro is funny and swoony as well :D well at the end i felt back for Luka i almost cried for him :D wait for his DOUBLE :P:P no more spoilers for you, just watch swoooooon and drooool over luka:D and hotsuma

    • Nikkij504gurl profile image

      Nikkij504gurl 5 years ago from Louisiana

      lol i will go home and watch sum more tonight lol

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