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The Misterious Woman

Updated on February 4, 2015

Scary Faces

Paranormal | Source

Paranormal Phenomena

Paranormal phenomena is an interesting topic to listen to, as well as to experience, even though, the experience can result frightening. I think that at least once, each and every one of us has experienced some kind of this phenomena. Whenever I have the chance, I can take the time to listen to this engaging stories, and the following is one of them, recounted by a friend who always had scary stories to recount. The setting occurs in the park and the recounting with all of the details and the chronology of events, makes it a story worth listening.

Ghostly Park

Park | Source

Spooky Park

¨Do you believe in paranormal phenomena? ¨ She inquired.

¨Not really, I prefer to believe in more tangible things, ¨ I answered.

¨Do you know that I possess a special gift for sensing out of this world activity? ¨ She communicated me with certitude.

¨I didn´t know that. You´ve never told me about it until now, ¨ I answered with incredulity.

We were strolling at the park on an evening, just before sunset. Leaves were falling from the tress, swaying, some of them landing right in front of our feet. One could clearly see the gray sky through the tree branches.

¨Would you like to hear a story, one of those that is considered scary? ¨ She asked enthusiastically.

¨I´m all ears to hear about it. We can seat on one of those benches if you want? ¨ I suggested.

¨No I prefer to continue walking: that way, I can take you through the very exact setting of this story, ¨ she proposed.

¨Well, the story goes like this, ¨ she started to talk.

¨Some two or three years back, I was walking through this very exact spot of this spooky park, when a voice from within me started to warn me about some kind of danger, ¨ she stopped for a while, then continued recounting the event.

¨Don´t walk ahead, go back, the voiced ordered, ¨ she utter mysteriously, trying to impregnate the ambient with mystery.

As she was recounting the event, I was trying to imagine the scene she was describing.

Scary Stories

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Twilight in Between the Trees

Twilight in Between the Trees
Twilight in Between the Trees | Source

Shadows in Between the Trees

¨It was getting dark and I began to see shadows in between the trees, she continued.

She caught me completely into the story. I was anxious to listen to the next scene.

¨And the voice kept saying, don´t go ahead, go back, ¨ she said, pointing in front of her.

¨I heard a crack right up where I was walking, and without knowing why, I raised my right hand, which covered my entire face, she said and immediately showed me a scar on her right hand.

¨The tree branch hit against my right hand when I raised it, ¨ she continued.

¨I swear, the voice within me was warning me about the danger, ¨ she communicated, placing the palm of her hand over her front.

¨If I hadn´t raised my hand, you wouldn´t be talking with a pretty lady, but one with a deformed face.

By now, it was completely dark, but the last rays of twilight could still be seen through the bare tree twigs. She had gotten me immersed in the story and I was eager to hear more of it.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc | Source

Death by Burning

¨Have you had any other experience with this kind of phenomena? ¨ I inquired eagerly.

¨Oh yes, of course, some people consider me a witch by my looks and I´m sure that in the past, I was burned alive by the inquisition, ¨ she communicated, trying to impress me.

¨Death by burning? ¨I asked astonished.

¨Let´s go home. I´m going to show you something on the way, ¨ she suggested and led me across the street, flanking the park.

We walked one block, then. Turned right to about half of another block. Within minutes, we were in front of a tree, which at first view looked weird. There were funny human faces around it.

¨Have you noticed it? ¨ she asked.

¨Yes, many human faces, ¨I answered bewildered.

¨They´re trapped, and they´re yelling for help, ¨ she instructed.

¨It seems like, ¨I added.

The darkness of the night contrasted with the scattered city bulbs, which were tenuous. There were still some blocks ahead to walk before getting to her home.

¨Let´s walk to the other side of the block, ¨ she ordered and led me to the other side of the street.

I had gotten captivated by this strange set of events and I was wanting to hear the reason of this sudden change of attitude.

The Monk

The Monk
The Monk | Source

The Monk

¨There is a monk there, ¨ pointing to the spot where we would have walked if she had not changed the scheme.

I turned and looked towards the spot, but couldn´t see a thing. Rapidly, I heard her reply;

¨I´m the only one who can sense its presence. No one in the neighborhood has ever seen it, but me, ¨ she said with certitude.

¨It´s a mystery, you know, ¨ she added with a tone of mystification in her voice.

¨It must be, ¨ I replied.

Ghost Girl in the Patio

Ghostly Girl
Ghostly Girl | Source

Presence in the Patio

¨There is a girl on the patio, she said

¨Every day either going out or coming in, I can sense her presence, right on that corner, pointing with her index finger to a spot inside the building.

If you walk in between 8-12 at midnight, with me, you will not sense anything, but wait past midnight and you´ll even her cry.

Some neighbors have heard her too, but they don´t pay too much attention to her presence. They say that the girl is harmless and that she won´t make more other than stroll around the water fountain or whisper unintellible noises at your ear.

Finally, we got to the very entrance of a three story apartment building. I was open to hear more stories and she noticed it. That is why after arriving at the building and saying goodbye, she promised to recount some more on a later date.

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