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The Making of a Super Hero - Kung Fu HubNuggets

Updated on April 26, 2018
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Elle Fredine (RedElf), photographer, published author, Elle loves seeking out new writers, and catching up with old friends

ladyjane1 sighed and set down her chopsticks. "There must be more to life," she mused as she gazed around her family's modest shop. Nestled amid towering high-rises in the heart of mythical, modern-yet-medieval island paradise, Zhang Zhou Quai, the thriving Heavenly Noodle & Bridal Outlet Emporium was packed with happy, hungry noodle-seekers and June-brides-to-be, all clamoring for attention.

"Break's over!" Simone Smith bustled from one fitting room to the next, her arms full of sample gowns, delicate veils draped over one shoulder. "Bring the Vera Wang gown to Room 4, please - and a pearl-edged veil."

"Six more 'Heavenly Noodles' for Table 10," called Maddie from the kitchen. "Order up!"

ladyjane1 cleared away the remains of her hasty lunch and strapped on her inline skates. Remembering her family motto - "frowning face bad for business" - lj summoned a cheerful smile as she whizzed off to serve the piping hot noodles, and fetch the gown for the anxious bride-to-be in Room 4.

Original photo from
Original photo from

Heavenly Noodle Chefs

Maddie Ruud, Jason Menayan, Simone Smith, ladyjane1
Maddie Ruud, Jason Menayan, Simone Smith, ladyjane1

Great-Grandmother ripplemaker

Speed_Paint_08_08_07_by_RavenLight from
Speed_Paint_08_08_07_by_RavenLight from

Designer Bridal Gowns

As the dinner crowd dwindled from a ravening flood of hungry diners to a trickle of sated noodle lovers lingering over green tea, ladyjane1 found time to slip away.

Poring over last season's well-worn "Spring Bride Noodlefest Magazine" she marveled at the exotic gowns and mouth-watering recipes.

"It's amazing what a great designer can do with a bolt of lace and some pearls - and this angle-hair pasta with Spring-Bok looks fabulous."

Glancing at her sketchbook, ladyjane1 wondered if she'd ever convince Uncle Jason to let her design their own line of bridal fashions, and let her try some new noodle dishes!

Lighting a candle before a tiny shrine, ladyjane1 gazed at the likeness of her famous ancestress. "Dear Great-grandmother ripplemaker," she said. "You understand - there is more to life than serving one noodle recipe, and dressing brides in others' designs."

Faint and sweet as the chimes in the temple across the valley, Great-grandmother's voice answered. "Show your Uncle Jason the lovely gown you have designed, and cook him your noodle recipe. Remind him of our illustrious Panda Ancestor. He will attain enlightenment."

"I wonder what Great-Grandmother meant about our illustrious Panda Ancestor? He was a great Kung Fu Warrior - I am a lowly designer wannabe." Puzzled but determined, lj donned her bridal creation. Gathering her courage, her sketches, and her recipes, she hurried to the kitchen.

Seated at a tiny table, surrounded by noodle bowls and bridal magazines, the owner of Heavenly Noodle & Bridal Outlet Emporium was hard at work, fingers flashing as he tallied the day's receipts. The steady click-clack of his abacus counter-pointed the tired kitchen staff's good-natured banter.

Uncle Jason beamed as ladyjane1 approached. "What a beautiful gown you're wearing," he said. "You remind me of your Great-Grandmother ripplemaker the day she created our 'Heavenly Noodle' recipe."

Just then, Maddie stuck her head around the kitchen door. "Table for six, please - and four 'Heavenly Noodles' to go!"

Mythical, modern-yet-medieval island paradise, Zhang Zhou Quai lies somewhere between Hong Kong and Vancouver.

Vancouver, BC:
Vancouver, BC, Canada

get directions

Hong Kong, China:
Hong Kong

get directions

The HubNuggets Ninjas

Patty Inglish, MS; KoffeeKlatch Gals; Enelle Lamb; RedElf - Composite Image by RedElf
Patty Inglish, MS; KoffeeKlatch Gals; Enelle Lamb; RedElf - Composite Image by RedElf

Enter The HubNuggets...

"No, wait! Better make that twelve," said Maddie.

Simone's eyes popped as a third group of last-minute guests crowded into the noodle shop. "Looks like an even eighteen to me," she said. "Turn the steamers back on!"

"Greetings, Honorable Noodlemakers." A hooded figure in dark blue stepped forward bowing, flanked by two Ninja-Kitties and a stylishly attired cup and saucer. "I am Ping - we are the HubNuggets Team, tasked with the safe delivery of these eighteen Honorable HubNugget-Hopefuls so all may read and vote for their favorite Honorable-Authors-of-Awesomeness."

"Your humble servants, Honorable Sir and Ladies," said the first Ninja Kitty, bowing so low the feather in her hat swept the tile floor.

"Exquisite gown, my dear," purred the second Ninja Kitty. "That pearl-encrusted, lace bustier with its delicately flounced peplum perfectly compliments the ruched satin train and high, sleek, white leather boots...and off-the-shoulder, embonpoint sleeves - sheer perfection!"

"Order up! Eighteen 'Heavenly Noodles' plus four to go." Simone and Maddie bustled in bearing steaming bowls of noodles, and showing the Honorable HubNugget-Hopefuls to seats.

"We shall keep watch outside. Honorable Sir and Ladies, please read and vote while our Honorable HubNugget-Hopefuls enjoy your most excellent 'Heavenly Noodles,'" said Ping. As Gal clattered her cup and saucer to emphasize her emptiness, the blue-cloaked Ninja grinned. "Bring your noodles with you. We can eat and watch."

Which one of this week's Games, Toys, and Hobbies nominees is your favorite?

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  • 15% Best Educational Toys for Kids from Amazon
  • 26% Game Design Workshop: The Mummy's Tomb
  • 22% Super Nintendo Best Memories
  • 11% Trendmasters Starcastles & Polly Pocket Fairy Star Castles
  • 7% Video Games - More Than Toys
27 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Which one of this week's Entertainment and Media nominees is your favorite?

  • 3% How Lady Gaga is Changing the Face of Music
  • 69% Enter The Asylum: A Descent into B-Movie Hell!
  • 4% The Singer's Guide: Breathing and Warm-ups for Beginners
  • 5% Old Ladies, Cops, and Clay Hands
  • 6% Facebook Myths Exposed
  • 13% Is Technology Going To Kill Us? Paging Mr. Schwarzenegger!
120 people have voted in this poll.

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Holy Evil Ninjas, Batman...

Enelle Lamb looked up at the serene night sky, senses alert. "They're coming," she said.

"Are you sure?" Ping asked.

RedElf nodded. "Enelle never misses."

Ping raised an eyebrow, nodding towards the noodle house. As the team melted into the shadows, dark shapes flitted silently over the rooftops towards them.

The HubNuggets Team swiftly ushered the Honorable HubNuggets-Hopefuls into their waiting Hubcopter, watching as they were airlifted to safety moments ahead of the advancing ninja horde. As the horde burst into the noodle house kitchen, the team turned to face the evil Ninja leader.

"You're too late," Ping said, calmly. "Everyone has already read and voted."

"Then those Wannabes'll never write again! Out of my way, Blondie!" The evil Ninja leader shouldered past ladyjane1, pushing her roughly against the steamer. His hench-ninjas sniggered as a pot of well-sauced noodles tipped over, splashing lj from head to toe.

"Enough!" ladyjane1 shook back her blonde curls, her usually kind eyes flashing fire. "You barged into my home, frightened my family, tried to kidnap my new friends, and now you dis my dress? That's it, buster!"

Grabbing a cleaver from the counter, ladyjane1 strode towards the evil Ninja leader. As she reached him, her satin train snagged on the leg of the steam-table. In one fluid motion, lj severed her train and flung it over her shoulder.

Suddenly, a blinding flash of light enveloped ladyjane1, lifting her up in a sparkling rain of cherry blossom petals. Great-Grandmother ripplemaker's tinkling laugh chimed sweetly through the noodle shop as the light faded and lj stood before them, transformed, radiant in gleaming white, pearlized spandex, her ruched satin train-turned-cape flaring behind her like the wings of an avenging angel.

The evil Ninja and his hench-ninjas gasped. "It's Super Bride!"

"Take that, and that, and that!"

ladyjane1 flew across the room flinging baby bok choy at the intruders. Grabbing several fresh batches of Heavenly Noodles from the steamer, lj twirled them over her head, snaring the evil Ninjas in the sticky strands, trussing them into a tangle of flailing limbs. Deftly applying a few strands of pearls and several handfuls of rhinestones for reinforcement, lj stepped back to appraise her handiwork.

"Nice spaghetti straps," said Ping.

"Ooooh, bling - we likes bling," purred the Kitty-Ninjas, nodding approvingly at lj.

KoffeeKlatch Gals, ever a Ninja of few words, simply scooped the stickily bejeweled intruders into her cup, plunked her saucer on top, and headed for the door.

"We have a comfy cell ready for them," Ping said as she followed Gal, calling over her shoulder, "C'mon, kitties - bad guys first, bling later."

Heavenly Noodle & ladyjane1 Bridal Designs Emporium

First Choice Entree:

... 天堂般的面条 ... ... Heavenly Noodles

New Choice Entree:

... ... 金珍宝面条 ... ... Golden Treasure Noodles (HubNuggets Noodles)

Much later, over a bowl of noodles, lj and Uncle Jason discussed the launch of ladyjane1 Bridal Designs. "Will you be happy staying here, using your Super Bride Kung Fu powers in the family business?" he asked.

"Our illustrious Panda Ancestor found his path - I'm sure I shall find mine," said ladyjane1. "Besides, there must be a few evil Ninjas left. You never know when one will drop in for a bowl of Heavenly Noodles."

"Speaking of noodles, what's the name of this delicious dish?" asked Maddie. "We really should add it to our menu."

As Uncle Jason and Simone nodded agreement, ladyjane1 proudly displayed their new menu cards...

© 2011 RedElf


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