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The Mamushi Book of Life: 1. Living well

Updated on June 20, 2011

Looking at Life the Correct Way

Sometime I feel like I am writing in circles. What I mean is, I have talked about these principles in another hub, I am fairly certain of it, maybe, however, in a little different manner. As one who have practiced medicine for a good part of the fairly long life span that I have been given, I have found that living well means to live in a manner that allows you to enjoy life. Life has ups and downs, so it is important to really enjoy the ups. Enjoying the ups helps one to survive the downs. What I mean is, if you really enjoy your ups, you will be able to survive the bad days knowing that, by and by, the better days will surely come again. This is a short hub. There is a message in it, however. Find the message, that is, the teaching that is hidden in this hub. Live well. Enjoy life, as best that you can. Don't get down and stay down. Get up! And keep going. Move forward, never backwards. Life is good. Very good. Go. Move forward. And as you go, Peace be with you. Dr. Haddox


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