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A Few Words. A short Story

Updated on November 15, 2013

The Boy of few words Sat in the corner of the Five and dime.

The town of Harshman Falls was small that was for sure. Nestled in the foot hills of Upstate NY right between the back forty and nowhere. That's what the town folk said anyway. Wasn't much that happened out of the norm on a daily basis. After all the total population of about 600 people wouldn't make for a bee hive of activity that would be totally off the wall.

If you looked at the Town (more looking like a village) from a small airplane out the side window you would see one road in and one road out. The rest of what surrounded this town was a sea of green pines, tall hard maples and the town creek, that looked like a lake. Of course there was also "peter's bones" Hole. A small pond located at the opposite edge of town where most went to fish.

Harsman also had what most called an isle of shops and pub's One pub call jecko, and one called "The Inn". We also had a small five and dime family owned for 100 year's. Jenson's was the kind of place you could buy a hand full of nails to finish your chicken coop and get an ice cream at the same time. Still had an old soda fountain and the local teenage kids hung out there after school on Weekends.

Jack Jenson was the owner he was the great, great grandson of Jerimia Jenson, ran the five an dime with his wife Marha and 2 kinds helped out after school sometimes. Jack jr., or JR. and Missy.

Jack and his entire family are decent people, by decent I mean they would be sure give a complete stranger a meal if they needed it bad enough and wouldn't expect a thing in return. I mean Jack alone has given more IOU's to folks around here than you could possibly keep track of.

Mr. Brandersole that lived on the edge of town practically built his entire barn on IOU's from the Five and Dime. How the Jenson's ever made a dime for themselves one could only guess.

Jack even took care of a local from these parts by the name of Borfando Hando. Or know by the locals as "Borf. Borf practically lived at Jenson's. It was a place that Borf loved and has loved since he was a small boy. It was all he knew. Bork was practially on his own since he was very young and Jack with his big heart sorta took Borf under his wing.

You see when Borf was around 12 or 13 his mom died suddenly and Borf's father basically crawled into a shell of man and didn't as much speak to Borf. Jack picked up on this very quickly when Borf his father Jack came into the five in dime one day. You would have to be blind as a mole not to. Jack noticed a quick violent backhand from Borf's dad out of the corner of his eye that left Borf with a bloody face.

The Day Borf was on his own.

The day this happened Jack was ringing up Mrs. Harrison who came in once a week for milk and eggs and a good dose of gossip with some of the other older women from town.

Jack was busy punching in .99 and listening to the ring of the old cash register while Mrs. Harrison was telling Jack about her poor aching feet.

"I will tell you Jack after a day of walking my feet are just....." She stopped mid sentence as Jack practically jumped over the counter with his thin frame and salt and pepper hair to intervene between Borf and his dad.

"Jerry, there's no need for that." Jack said while trying to push his skinny body between Borf's freakishly large stature and Borf's dad. Jack didn't even know what the backhand was over but he knew he didn't like it and it threw looks from the town's folk that were now milling around the scene.

Jerry shouted as the vein in his neck bulged and his eyes popped out of his head like a guppy fish out of water. "Stay out of this Jack." "Ain't none of your business."

Borf just stood there looking down at the black and white checkered five and dime floor. Borf looked like a large overgrown man even at this young age just trapped in a mans body his mind was still of a young boy and didn't dare talk back or stand up to his father. Borf only looked up once with his sad black eyes hidden under an old dirty John Deer Cap.

It was something to see Jack thin as a rail,middle aged salt and pepper hair, with a white shop apron lashed around him more than once due to his gaunt frame. Stuck in between Borf a large overgrown boy with arms that doubled the size of even an average man and a chest that looked as if he could be a side show act in a circus Show. Borf's entire frame was that of perhaps of a strongman. This stuck with him into adult hood.

Borf's father was furious and pushed his boney finger into Jack's chest with pressure enough to feel as if a nail was being driven deep within his mid section Making Jack wince in pain.

"What gives you the right to push your nose where it don't belong?" Jerry screamed.

"I was just saying Jerry he is just a boy and look at his nose, ..he's bleeding." Jack sheepishly but not backing down from Jerry spoke clear plain words.

Borf looked up slowly and wiped the blood from his nose with the back of his hand and looked directly at his father from over the top of Jerry head.

Borf then lifted his large arm slowly and gently pushed Jack from in between him and his father and something inside of Borf must have snapped on that very day.

"Boy don't even think about eyeballing me!" Jerry pointed at Borf and spoke very loudly.

From no where with one single solitary blow Borf struck Jerry under the chin with the pressure equal to a large hammer. The thud was tremendous and could have been heard clear across the five and dime.

For a brief moment it seemed as if Jerry soared through the air for a good minute even though it was more like ten seconds and his body slammed into a rack of greeting cards in a distorted sort of way. Sending the cards flying furiously through the air like scattered snow flakes.

Everyone stood for second and just stared in dis belief staring at Jerry laid out cold across the checkered floor, blood streaking from his open jaw and spattered like pin pricks over the upper portion of his face. Greeting cards scattered about miss shapen and torn. Out cold.

Borf didn't say a single word and it looked as if he didn't even exert a muscle.

Instantly as everyone watched in silence Borf turned and slowly walked like a bull that just won his match to the back of the five and dime and sat in the very last red vinyl lined booth without saying a word.


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    • mlesniewski profile image

      mlesniewski 4 years ago from Upstate NY

      Thank you very much.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 4 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      I think I have found a new writer to follow. Very well done. Good descriptive writing.

    • mlesniewski profile image

      mlesniewski 4 years ago from Upstate NY

      Thank you. I am working on more. Appreciated.

    • suzettenaples profile image

      Suzette Walker 4 years ago from Taos, NM

      Good story! Yes. I want to hear more also. Just what abusers need, a tase of their own medicine!

    • mlesniewski profile image

      mlesniewski 4 years ago from Upstate NY

      Thank you. Will Have more.

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 4 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Good start. Want to hear more about this!