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The Man of Her Dreams

Updated on August 17, 2015
Girls | Source

Girls Who doesn´t Like being Bothered

She was the kind of girl who had been into sexual practices since the age of 15. She had had more than one casual encounter with men. To her, finding real love was not one of her priorities; nevertheless, after having spent long conversations with her, she confessed that deep inside of her she dreamed on finding the perfect match, which she had not found until yet.

It was early in the day and a perfect time for a coffee.

¨Let´s get a hot drink¨ she suggested.

The restaurant was not too far from there. We started walking and while doing so, she was telling me about her life.

¨I think I have found the man of my life¨ she said.

¨Really! Who is he? ¨ I asked.

¨It´s the new man at the reception, ¨ she uttered.

¨I have noticed that he keeps staring at me with insistence, ¨ she added.


I´m not Important to Anyone

And what are you planning on doing? ¨ I asked.

¨Nothing, I will let things develop in the usual way, ¨ she affirmed.

¨are you interested in him? ¨ I inquired.

¨He is old for me, I know, but I think he could be the one, ¨ she said with discouragement.

¨Men have always approached me fortuitously, ¨ she said with downheartedness.

¨Young and old, I have never been important to anyone, ¨

Sexually Active at a Very Young Age

Sexually Active at a Young Age
Sexually Active at a Young Age | Source

Love Like Crazy

¨Have you been involved sentimentally with many men? ¨I asked wanting to know.

¨Since the age of fifteen, ¨ she answered with disdain.

¨I started making love like crazy at a very young age and I haven´t stopped, ¨ she added, turning her sight to one side, like evoking the past.

¨Hey! what are going to have for breakfast today,? She asked.

¨I don´t really know, maybe the same thing as yesterday, ¨ I suggested.

¨No, what about some fruit and chicken, ¨ she added.

¨That´s perfect for me, ¨ I affirmed.

We left the building and walked the four blocks that separated our working premises and the section of stores and restaurants.

On our way back, she kindled a spark of optimism in me when she said;

¨Would you like to go skating next weekend, ¨ she invited me with enthusiasm.

¨I don´t know how to skate, ¨ I affirmed with discouragement.

¨I will teach you; when I went skating for the first time; I couldn´t stand straight on my pair of skates, but my niece showed me how to, ¨ she explained.

¨I think I will like it, ¨ I thought.

Ice skating

Is there an ice skating rink in your area?

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A Day on Ice

I was tiding the skate´s laces around my feet, and as I did, I was confident that skating that day was going to be an easy task. I stood up on my two feet and my two legs began to spread apart; I had to hold on to the nearest wall.

Nancy and her niece were already breaking the wind around them inside the skating rink. She peered at me and waved her hand, instructing me to get into the rink.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating
Ice Skating | Source

Outdoor Ice-Skating

I tried to go to them, but I had to advance unsteadily due to my unexperience on the skates. Fifteen minutes later and after many efforts to maintain my balance, I was finally standing on my two feet over the skates.
"Can you skate?" Nancy's niece asked incredulous.

"I have never skated before," I replied.

"Just do this," she instructed me, as she skated around the rink majestically, once.

I tried in the way she instructed me, falling on my right knee.

"Ja ja ja, you can't," she uttered happily.

From then on, I tried to learn to keep my balance and by the end of the evening, I could advance a few feet without falling on my knees.

"I enjoyed it," Nancy said on our way home.

"Me too," I replied.

A few days later, she returned to her usual mood.

"Do you want to know what I did yesterday?" she asked misteriously.

"What did you do?" I asked politely.

I made love with a friend of a friend, whom I was introduced.

"Really!? I


I would Like to be Hugged and Pampered

¨Yes, just minutes after we were introduced; I´m ashamed,¨ she expressed.

¨He kissed me and got me excited, the rest is history, ¨ she added.

¨You should get professional help,¨I suggested.

¨Do you think so,¨she asked me.

¨Of course, it seems that you really suffer because of that,¨I said.

¨I would like to be hugged and pampered, ¨she uttered.

¨What are we going to have for lunch, today?¨ I asked.

¨Do you like Chinese food?¨she asked me.

¨Yes, it´s one of my favorites,? I told her.

Two months later, she moved to another job and I did the same one month later. Since that last time, I haven´t seen this lady.


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