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The Many Facets of Karma

Updated on November 8, 2013

by Christine B.

In the past seven years of writing my Paranormal Musings Newsletter my readers have heard me mention the concept of Karma on many occasions. I’m sure you know that basically karma means that whatever you dish out you will eventually have to eat yourself. It is the Universal Law that keeps track of everyone’s deeds and records them for future reward or retribution. No one can escape or in any way bypass their karma because it is infallible and it never forgets. We all make our own karma and are solely responsible for how it affects us. So what else is there to know about karma? A great deal.

The First Facet of the Law of Karma: “Whatever you send out into the Universe will be returned to you.” That includes every thought, every spoken word, and every deed. So… send out positive thoughts, words and deeds and that is what you will get in return. You can’t have a positive life if you are sending out negative energy.

The Second Facet of the Law of Karma: “You are the creator of your life and Universe.” You are the only person responsible for what happens to you in your life and how you deal with it. What others do to you is their karma, not yours. Let their karma take care of their deeds, and concern yourself only with your actions and reactions to what life lessons are brought to you. Remember that no one ever gets away with anything, and revenge and justice is karma’s alone.

The Third Facet of the Law of Karma: “What you cannot or refuse to work out in this life, you will have to work out in future lives until it is completed.” The only way to dissolve a karmic problem is to work it out and then move on. Life is meant to teach you everything you need to learn. If you don’t learn it the first time, the problem will continue until you do learn from it.

The Fourth Facet of the Law of Karma: “For you to grow spiritually you must change yourself, not the others around you.” Lean that you and your growth should be the only thing that concerns you. What others do or how they act should not be your concern. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help others—helping others is a way for you to advance.

The Fifth Facet of the Law of Karma: “You are solely responsible for what happens to you in life.” Whatever occurs does so to teach you a lesson you must learn, therefore whatever happens is meant to happen in order for you to advance.

The Sixth Facet of the Law of Karma: “Everything we do affects the Universe on the whole.” We are connected to everyone in the Universe, and therefore whatever we do will affect everyone else in some way. There are no inconsequential thoughts or deeds. EVERY thought and deed will have an effect on us all. And our past, our present and our future are all connected. They are all links in our chain of life and they are all a quintessential part of the whole.

The Seventh Facet of the Law of Karma: “If our focus is on spirit growth, there is no room for lower thoughts, such as greed, anger, or revenge.” We must focus on reacting to the negative in a way that will create a positive. In that way we grow, which is the purpose of life.

The Eighth Facet of the Law of Karma: “What you believe to be true will be something you will be called upon to demonstrate at some point in your life.” If you believe you have learned a life lesson, then there will come an opportunity in your life to prove that you have learned it.

The Ninth Facet of the Law of Karma: “Don’t live in the past—your only concern should be what is occurring in your life in the here-and-now.” Past mistakes have already happened… focus on what is occurring now and learn from the past. You cannot move forward if you are chained to the past.

The Tenth Facet of the Law of Karma: “History will continually repeat itself until we learn the lesson we are supposed to learn in order to change it.” We will have to experience the same lesson until we finally get it right. It’s our very own “Ground Hog Day,” experience.

The Eleventh Facet of the Law of Karma: “No reward will be given without our working for it.” Nothing that is really important comes to us easily. Happiness is obtained by doing what you are meant to be doing and working hard to be the best you can be at it. Don’t look for material rewards for your efforts. The only reward that has any meaning is our advancement.

The Twelfth Facet of the Law of Karma: “What is returned to us is determined by the effort we make in the project.” As long as we put forth our best effort, the best will eventually be returned to us. Anything that is done out of love contributes to the Universal whole. Whatever we do should be our best effort in order for it to affect is in a good way


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    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 4 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Very interesting, Christine!

      I guess I'm screwed, then...there is some sh** in my past of which I'm not proud, I had misconceptions, had not heard of this law (or was not consciously aware of it) ... and I guess that can explain a lot in a way, with current situations..

      On the other hand...shoot--the stuff that happened back then wasn't all THAT bad...nothing criminal or anything like that. Who knows if it was from this life? Do you think Karma follows us from prior lives???

      IMO, "payback" should be current, not delayed.... ;-)

      Voted up, interesting and pinned.