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The Market is up and Getting away from Us

Updated on April 5, 2017

It's a Strange Stranger

It's rather bizarre to see the market fluctuate interminably.

Then again, it's rather wonderful, too.

But more than wonder I can see, that it's nothing--there is not anything that our people are doing. In addition, it's got nothing to do with people and everything to do with numbers.

Numbers have a tendency to remain intact,by which I mean there are at a standstill, until suddently they shift upwards and down.

However, when they stand alone, then can be easy to read and detect; while in the company of other numbers, there is a tendency for them to shift and change and even cause momumental destructions.

Despite this, individuals love to look at numbers. Some people do it all day and others all night. But this is not always right.

In fact, it's rather impressive that our political agenda has so quickly made a turn and a twist and perhaps poured one too many cosmopolitans-- perhaps?

Well, it all leads to my cautious and otherwise pretentious wondering about numbers.

And I still wonder if these stranger and stanger things are not also danger and dangerous things.

I'm not sure what the next day, week, or month may bring. And yet, I can guarantee one thing: today's USA is not that of yesterday.

And another thing: tomorrow will be different, while yesterday was all the same.

Rather than wonder, it might be better to do some due diligence and hinder myself from watching the television or listening to NPR.

Seeing this while watching all of that..., well, it's rather unusual and unsound.

I've not yet prospered with numbers, but I happen to believe that it's better to be wonderfully bright and creative and never assumptive of what will come. Allow it to be and inevitably it shall overturn a new leaf.

In short, it is better and it is best to be bold.

Aneta's Art
Aneta's Art | Source
Aneta's Art
Aneta's Art | Source

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