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The Me Quiz

Updated on March 3, 2012

Stuff About Yours Truly!

The Me Quiz.

Basic Info
Do you like to cook?: Definitely
Do you eat out more often than you cook?: It depends
Do you like sports?: Not really
How do you spend your free time?: At home on the computer or watchin TV

soda?: Ginger Ale
kind of cooked fish?: Most kinds
activity to do with your kids?: I don't have kids but i like to watch cartoons with my little cousins sometimes
thing you like to do alone?: Listen to music
thing you like to do with your loved one?: Depends

Have you Ever
been camping?: Yes
sucked helium from a balloon?: Yes,who hasn't
walked around your house naked?: EW no
wanted to live in another country?: ALL THE TIME
been banned from somewhere?: Only for a week from Mac's when i was younger

Do you
lie or always tell the truth?: Depends
have a college degree?: No
have a lot of friends on your Facebook?: No,Mainly family
grow your own vegetables?: No
feel your are a creative person?: Depends

Crosswords or Word Search?: Crosswords?(the ones where ya find the word and circle it)
Are you passive or aggressive?: It goes either way depending on the situation
Play in the snow or Stay inside and drink cocoa?: Stay inside and drink COFFEE!
OMG or WTF?: Either or

How old were you when you first dated?: REALLY dated,about 17 but i got my first boyfriend at 5 lol
Would you date someone that used to do drugs?: I don't see a problem in that depending on what kinda drugs they used and how long they've been clean
Would you care if your significant other went to a strip club?: Nope as long as i didn't get cheated on

I usually shop at...: Walmart
My biggest concern right now is....: Having enough money

Halloween?: Not sure
time you bought a computer?: June 14th 2 years ago
text today?: No one
person you talked to today?: My Uncle
person you called today on the phone?: No one

time you flew in a plane?: YEARS ago
trip you took?: I went to see my aunt uncle and cousins in Surrey,BC
time you slept on the floor?: YEARS ago

Do you usually dress casual?: Yes
Do you sing in the shower?: No
Do you wrap your hair in a towel after the shower?: No
Do you brush your teeth before you shower?: No

My Favorites
feeling?: I like being happy
oldies song?: I like lots of oldies
country song?: 2 many to name
hair band song?: Again 2 many to name
90's song?: Also 2 many to name

This or That
Shy or a Flirt?: Depends on the situation
Candles or Plug ins?: Either or
Basketball or Football?: Football games are funner
Fix your own car or take it to the shop?: Depends on whats wrong with it,i don't have a car tho but if i did I'd get my dad to fix it
White shirt or Black shirt?: Either or

Do You?
have someone on your mind you can't stop thinking about?: YES!,SO NUMMYYYYYYYYYY!
watch any football game or just your favorite teams?: Favourite teams
tell people you love them often?: Yes
ever just stay home and don't leave the house?: WAY more than i care to admit
watch award shows on TV?: Not anymore

Have You Ever
not paid your bill and had your water or electricity turned off?: Myself no
taken a cold shower?: When i had no choice
put makeup on someone while they were sleeping?: No that's just RUDE!
let your dog kiss you on the mouth?: I don't have a dog anymore
not realized it was your birthday?: this year almost

What would you like to accomplish today?: Get some school work done and attempt to clean the house
What are you scared of?: MANY things
Do you kill spiders or just put them out the door?: Kill em!
Do you read your spouse's mail?: I don't have a spouse but NO
Are you good at saving money?: I try

What has made you a stronger person?: Not letting other people's garbage get to me
Who do you wish you could cuddle with every night?: uuuuuuuuuuuum............ lol
Do you give compliments often?: Yes

fight you and your partner got into?: 5 years ago
time you bought a pet?: Cant remember
time you had a beloved pet die?: 2 long ago
time you had a child?: Never

As of Now
What time is it?: 2:21pm
What sound do you hear right now?: King Of Queens on TV
Are you alone or with someone else?: Alone
Where are you?: Kitchen
Are you in love?: ....................


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