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Christmas Time: Reflections and Meaning

Updated on July 2, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Unto Us A Child Is Born
Unto Us A Child Is Born

Christmas is defined by Webster’s dictionary as December 25 celebrated as a church festival in commemoration of the birth of Christ and observed as a legal holiday. In light of this holiday season, I have chosen to share a reflection piece about what Christmas means to me which I wrote during the early 1990's and still rings true today.

The True Meaning of the Christmas Season

It’s a time for more of Christ and less of commercialism.

It’s a time of joyous celebration to honor and give all praises to our Lord and Savior.

It’s a time of reflection- to examine self and God’s goodness in our lives.

It’s a time of fellowshipping with family and friends.

It’s a time of giving yourself and sharing from your heart.

It’s a time of receiving all of what God intended for us when He made such a priceless gift available .

It’s a time of recommitment- rededicating ourselves to the one whose commitment to us never changes.

It’s a time of change- allowing Jesus Christ to make a difference in our lives, so that we might make a difference in someone else’s.

It’s a time of inner peace, security, and hope in a time and place where it’s lacking and seems hopeless, where there are natural disasters and incurable diseases, rampart crime and violence.

The birth of Christ gives us a hope and eternal future,
and the faith and strength to LIVE
until He returns.


The Poetic Reflection

It’s a time to put Christ back in XMAS
by honoring the one who set us FREE.
It’s a time to teach the truth about the reason for the season,
which is not Santa, toys, or decorated trees.

It’s a time of celebrating
with our family and friends,
giving of ourselves and
sharing from our hearts,
being creative and meaningful
with what we can afford,
giving what we have
and can generously impart.

It’s a time to reflect upon
God’s abundant love towards us
through the priceless gift
He sent for you and me.
God poured the fullness of Himself
into human form
to reconcile us back to Him eternally.

What does Christmas mean to you and your loved ones?

Happy Holidays & be blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins

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    • Inspired 4 U profile image

      Jo Anne Meekins 4 years ago from Queens, NY

      Yes and amen. Thank you Manatita44!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 years ago from london

      The song is absolutely beautiful, lofty and the lyrics are amazing. The end tells the story perfectly.

      Great article for us to ponder at this time. You seem to be in 'Right Mindfulness' and so are attracted to the right people. Cee Lo Green, Louis Hay ...

      Perhaps you would like to read my book: My Guru, Sri Chinmoy: Life And Teachings. Available on Amazon. It may add a further dimension. Let us look forward to a 2014 of increasing peace, more grace or compassion in God's loving arms. Shalom!

    • Inspired 4 U profile image

      Jo Anne Meekins 7 years ago from Queens, NY

      Thanks Rev. Ted! I pray you and your family Have a wonderful holiday experience as well.

      - Jo Anne

    • christ4ever profile image

      Rev. Teddy C. Ryan III 7 years ago from a life in sin saved by the Lord's grace - we are blessed with the ministry in Florida & Georgia

      AMEN... It's all about Him! Nothing more need to be said.

      Have a blessed holiday time... Rev.Ted