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The Mediator Book Series

Updated on March 6, 2014

The Mediator is a series of 6 books by Meg Cabot. It revolves around the life of Susannah (Suze) who can talk to and see ghosts. She is a mediator whose purpose is to help the ghosts take care of their unfinished business so they may continue into the afterlife. The only problem; she falls in love with one of those ghosts!

(If you liked the show "Ghost Whisperer" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, you will love these books as well!)

Suze moves from New York to California when her mom marries a man named Andy. Suze and her mom now live with Andy and his three kids, Jake, Brad, and David (Sleepy, Dopey, and Doc as Suze calls them.) When she goes to her new school, she finds out that Father Dom can see ghosts just like her, and the two of them have an angry, heartbroken ghost to take care of.

Suze needs to find Red and give him a message from a passed loved one. The only problem is, who is red??? Jesse, Susannah's hot ghost roommate, will be called in to help. Together, can they finish the job?

When the four ghosts of the RLS angels show up, Suze needs to find out why they have it in for the guy who likes her. Suze's best friend, Gina, from New York shows up for the week though, so it makes any ghost stuff hard to do.

When Dopey and Andy find a historic item in the backyard, Suze is curious as to what it is and who it may have belonged to. When the angry ghost of Jesse's fiance shows up, Suze is afraid she will lose Jesse and doesn't know how she'd live without him.

Suze finds another mediator like herself, Paul. He seems to like her. He doesn't however, like that Jesse is living in her room. Will he get rid of Jesse so he can have Suze to himself? Or will he leave him alone?

Book 6:- Twilight

When Paul and Suze find out they have yet another power besides just talking to ghosts, Suze is more than conflicted. Should she help her secret love, Jesse, return to life, or do anything to keep him from going back? And what will Jesse choose once he finds out?

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