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The Metropolis

Updated on May 17, 2012

The Missing Soul

In the Metropolis

Recently I was in a fast growing Metropolis

A rarity for my kind who lives in a place

Far away from dizzy urbane heights

In all pervasive scarce amenities, roads and lights

The difference in lives, expressions and drives

Stark and evident in huge proportion

Right from the moment I got in that beautiful bus

Volvo, elegant in design, smoked glass doors

Controlled by hydraulics

It bent, swiveled and opened to let people in

A fairy in the grip of a demon

Dancing at the whims of the giant,

Moving its delicate limbs in a rhythm

Imprisoned since ages, forever

Baggage collection swarmed with people

No, they are 21st century humans

Glum faces, fortified emotions

Controlled through training and education

Strange collage of a mob on a sort of peaceful riot

Designer suits, jackets, denims, brands, gizmos, gadgets

Conveyors shun any emotion

Narrowed eyes, laser focus on that small aperture,

Where baggage first appears

War veterans jumping from the chopper, one by one

Moving forward in a queue

The loved ones trying to locate their own

Hopes rise, travel and vanish, a continuous loop

The way it always happens

Growing prosperity crying to be noticed

Symbols littered in excess

Plastics, LED, glass tiles, escalators

Debris of old blown by tsunami and quake

Of bits and bytes embedded in everything, everywhere

Sand is filling every space, vacuum or air

That giant size TV

Shows hang in air, the motion in a mode of freeze

No one is watching drama, dance or thriller

Soap opera, romance, violence, sex or humor;

The actors and directors look stupid at this time

Humans here under captivity

Chained by jungle of signals

Cables, antennas, towers and transmitters

Control the minds,

Small device glued to ear or hands free

May be a new technological breakthrough

Trolleys are walking in unison

In front of column of army

Steps match though covered in different size, colors, texture

Every breath with a purpose, design or some drive

Adjusted to mechanized creations all around

I was looking around to find souls

For that chemistry which turns one on

But could not see any

Even though a sea of humanity in front

Continuously flowing through gates, corridors and passage


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