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Asgard & Scandinavian Mythology: The Mighty Thor, Son of Odin

Updated on July 11, 2018

Kronin Krask - Scandinavian Billionaire

Kronin Krask was a multi billionaire. He had everything he wanted and one thing he did not. Senility. Senile but strong. Extremely rich, highly influential, eccentric, and crafty.

Having blasted every obstacle on the path to his target, using all the means available to him, he had reached his goal oblivious to the passing of time.

Now he needs only to conquer one enemy. Age. He knows that this conquest will be the biggest one of them all.

Crafty Krask always got what he wanted. More often by crook. Less often by hook. The rest of the time nature helped him out.

Things always work out well for all those for whom things always work out well. Coincidences that are favorable is just one example.

Being in a winning mode is the secret of success. Krask had this mode switched on right throughout the day and all night!

Marvel's Thor



What Would It Cost To ... ?

Kronin Krask is willing to pay any price in cash for what he wants and does not have ... youth.

He seeks and he finds. Perhaps the timing is his good fortune.

A scientist has invented a machine which is capable of interchanging the consciousness of two human beings.

The Invention

With this invention, all Krask has to do now is to transfer his consciousness to the body of a younger and physically strong man.

Then Krask can live on as Krask, but in a youthful body. The youth's consciousness will be transferred to the body of Krask, to balance the equation.

Of course the "youth" will continue to exist, but in Krask's body, as a senile human being with not many moons left to see.

Any Volunteers? Nope! ... Hey! How About The God Of Thunder?

There will certainly not be any volunteers. No one would, for any price at all, trade his youth for senility even for a billion or more dollars.

However, the wily Krask has a plan. He means to lure someone to his den and steal his body. Who is this someone?

Whose fate will it be to lose his youth in favor of a crazy senile billionaire's desire to live on and on?

Krask has chosen, and chosen well. His choice is none other than Scandinavian Mythology's most famous son, the fictitious God of Thunder and Master of the Worlds' Winds, the Mighty Thor!

The Mighty Thor, Son Of Odin

Thor was master of the worlds' winds, not merely of the world's winds. There you are!

He had interest and control in the weather patterns of planets in other realms as well.

The mighty Thor was extremely good looking, strong beyond description and had all the other talents required in order to fit in and assume duties as Lord of Thunder and Master of the Worlds' winds.

Thor operated from planet Earth. He, like all super heroes rights wrongs, and had two identities.

The other one being that of the lame Dr William Blake, a physician by profession.

His adventures were not restricted only to the boundaries of our planet, but spans many realms as well.

Traveling posed absolutely no problem at all to the mighty Thor, for he was blessed with all the equipment and abilities required for one such as he, for whom almost every other mission involved the application of advanced logistics!

Thor McOdin, From Scandinavian Mythology

Thor McOdin chills out on planet Earth and thaws out in Asgard.

Asgard is a celestial location which is the main gateway to Valhalla, of which the CEO is none other than Thor's father, Odin the immortal!

Talk about having an influential father! Immortality runs in the family. Incidentally Thor has another brother too, a half brother called Loki. Loki the evil one is despised by Odin.

To hell with Loki, the evil one! We shall move on with our story!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
a demonstration of the power possessed by the Mighty Thor
a demonstration of the power possessed by the Mighty Thor
a demonstration of the power possessed by the Mighty Thor

Mjölnir - Thor's Hammer

Thor had a mallet called "Mjölnir." The mallet was enchanted, and beyond comprehension. A flick of this mallet is all it takes to transport him to Asgard or to any other location in any realm of his choice from any other location in any realm.

A flick of the very same mallet is what transforms Thor into Dr. William Blake, when the need to be discreet arises.

This need does arise often, especially in the duties which are thrust upon a super hero who is sworn to fight injustice.

Mjölnir weight was indeed beyond the understanding power of all mortals.

Some brilliant scholars of Physics had assessed that the energy required to raise Mjölnir by one ångström unit would be sufficient to cause the moon to accelerate and reach several times its present speed, within a specified period of time. I cannot remember the exact figures, and I think it is unimportant at this moment.

However Thor used to spin it over his head effortlessly, and at high speeds too, and create vortexes or holes in space, through which Thor expels evil beings from other realms, who, at times chose to use planet earth for some nefarious activity.

Krask's Crafty Plan

The crafty Krask had formulated a master plan to attract Thor's attention in order to lure him to his den. The plan did succeed. On arrival Thor is greeted with billions of volts of electric power, which puts him into a state of unconsciousness.

Now Thor, lying perfectly still, is "helpless" and is Krask's pawn. Thor will take part in this operation by means of which Kronin Krask will receive his body, in which Krask will continue to exist.

The doctor examines Thor and pronounces him alive, and fit to participate in the operation.

Both Krask and Thor are strapped onto the appropriate sectors of this machine. Devices are attached to various parts of their bodies to facilitate the transfer. Everything is set for the final part.

Into The Hands Of Fate

The scientist and inventor of this machine makes one last check and then hits the vital button. The button which will seal the fates of Krask and Thor.

Krask will receive the youthful body of Thor, whereas Thor will continue to exist in the senile body of Krask. The battle has commenced. The battle for supremacy.

The battle by Krask for eternal youth, immortality, and talents beyond the power of understanding of any mortal. Who will win? The agonizing screams of he who is destined to lose, is heard.

The battle of their egos is so intense that even visuals of it are observed. The machine continues to implement the transfer. Will it deliver the goods to whom it is supposed to?

The Winner Takes It All

Will the evil Krask get what he had always longed for? Will the son of Odin be lost to the universe forever? Will evil triumph over good? What will the result be? Who knows?

Odin does. Only the wise Odin will know it all. Odin, father of the master of the worlds' winds does know of the danger faced by his favorite son, and he does not bother at all.

The Result

Well, all is over soon. The intense pain experienced by the loser makes him rip off the belts which held him fastened to the machine. His lifeless body is lying on the ground, and extreme agony shows on his face. He speaks not, and hears not.

It is well that he does not hear the words of the winner. The winner who stands majestically over the loser with arms folded, looking down at him ... the winner who utters the very words which reveal a pre asessed certainty of the result ...

"Vainglorious villain! ... Thinkest thou couldst triumph over an immortal?"

so asks the Mighty Thor, the fictitious Scandinavian God of thunder and master of the worlds' winds
so asks the Mighty Thor, the fictitious Scandinavian God of thunder and master of the worlds' winds

This Quiz Should Interest You!

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Why Did You Take The Risk?

The doctor who examined Thor before this event says to him, "I knew you were feigning unconsciousness." "But why did you take such a great risk?"

To this Thor replies, "That was the only way I could have found out what Krask was after, besides, it was a challenge no warrior could walk away from."

... end of story

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The Review

That was a review on an extraordinary tale involving one of the mightiest characters in Scandinavian Mythology.

For ages, Thor has been the focus of many a fiction writer.

The story of Kronin Krask versus Thor was one of the many tales described in the brilliant comic books on Thor.

Stan Lee And The Other Men Behind It

Involving Thor in works of fiction is bound to generate a lot of interest indeed. Not underestimating the brilliance of story tellers who thought so, the talents attributive to Thor provided substance to further enhance the creativity of these authors.

In August 1962, Marvel Comics, released the the first issue of the illustrated version of these tales of fiction.

The Mighty Thor, created by editor and story writer Stan Lee, along with Jack Kirby, script writer Larry Lieber, and artist John Buscema, is based on the character of the same name from Scandinavian mythology.

The extraordinary talent of this team of brilliant authors and artists are evident in their other creations too, with special thanks to Marvel Comics for making these publications available to the entire world.

Marvel Comics Inc is responsible for dozens of super heroes like Captain Marvel, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, The Submariner and more. Check out their website by clicking on one of the links just below.

From The List Of Super Heroes - Cartoon Characters From Marvel Comics

In the long list of super heroes, having all the right to be amongst the top ten is, without any shade of doubt, the hero of this story, the Lord Of Thunder and master of the worlds' winds. Originating from Asgaard, the Mighty Thor, son of Odin, is one of the many cartoon super heroes created by Marvel Comics, and the only one who owns exclusive rights to the legendary hammer called "Mjolnir."

This is the starting point. Our heroes are drawn from Scandinavian mythology and presented to us in full blooming multi dimensional styles.

The heroes behind the heroes are the ones who need no introduction at all. Of course it's Stan Lee and company from Marvel Comics who brought the Mighty Thor "out into the open" and engaged him in special tasks to fit in with some brilliant stories about him and his adventures.

Creating cartoon characters and giving them a touch of "real life," bringing them closer via the brilliant drawings and art work, Marvel Comics does it all.

© 2008 quicksand


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    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my hub, Brian. Well in fiction the good guys always come out on top! In real life ... well they stay right at the bottom! :)

    • BrianS profile image

      Brian Stephens 

      10 years ago from Laroque des Alberes, France

      Really enjoyed reading this tale of deceit and skulduggery, and it was nice to see the good guy come out on top. Great Hub

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      11 years ago

      Thanks Bill, thanks for adding that bit of valuable info. :)

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 

      11 years ago from sourcewall

      It is not mjolnirs weight that makes it impossible to pick up,it is an enchantment from Odin (Thors father and ruler of asgard)saying that only those that are worthy may lift the hammer. purity of heart.just had to add that.otherwise great hub.

    • Lgali profile image


      12 years ago

      nice tale

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago

      Hi Jamie, I visited your chat site twice. :)

    • jamieinenglewood profile image

      Jamie Havican 

      12 years ago from Englewood Florida

      Great hubs,I have checked out about seven of them.Maybe you could take a look at mine,thanks Jamieinenglewood

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago

      Thanks Benson, thanks for visiting my hub. :)

    • Benson Yeung profile image

      Benson Yeung 

      12 years ago from Hong Kong

      very absorbing tale.

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago

      Hi motivate! Thanks for motivating me with your remarks! :)

    • motivate11 profile image


      12 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Great Job QS. Great layout of your site.

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago

      Hi BeatsMe, glad you liked the story. Thanks for reading it and commenting on it. :)

    • BeatsMe profile image


      12 years ago

      Hi quicksand, it's a really good story. :)

    • quicksand profile imageAUTHOR


      12 years ago

      Hi cgull, movies will never match comics, as human actors can never achieve what the characters created by versatile artists in comic books can.

      Thanks for dropping in. :)

    • cgull8m profile image


      12 years ago from North Carolina

      Great story, I would like to read more. It could be made into a movie also.


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