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The Mighty West

Updated on July 16, 2015

The Introduction

It is amazing how people in authority or people with great power have a pathetic notion that their reign is forever. As far as I know, nothing on this planet stays forever. People die and others are born. It happens in every facet of life. Why can’t people in authority realize this simple fact of life? It is great to be known as the strongest or the most respected among peers. How much is that worth? I respect the elderly and people in authority. I have issues with those who abuse the authority bestowed unto them.

It is quite pitiful to note that their reign is never forever. I pray that those who find themselves, one way or other, abusing the authority given to them (mostly by the people) would find this piece of mine and make some sense out of it for their own good and for the good of all the people he or she leads.

The Mighty West

1. Who will cross your path,

And make a fool of himself,

Whilst the day is still young,

And hope of day is now showing forth,

As none can tell what it brings.

2. Be warned, you savages of the East,

Be warned, you mongrels of the North,

The south is already burning,

As the wrath of the West breaks forth,

Upon all rebellious lands.

3. Who will risk their joy of life,

And be cast into the deeps of doom,

Where sorrow is their meal,

And tears quench their thirst,

As their souls replenish not.

4. All the higher birds listen to you,

They do bow in your presence,

Take heed oh Mighty Eagle of the West,

For great shall be your fall in due time,

And none to console your sons and daughters.

5. A mighty tree falls,

Its shade is no more,

Birds fly out and make homes in other places,

Who can reverse the times,

Alas, there it lies for a memorial in the future foretold.

The Discussion


The might of the people in authority is portrayed by the actions of the subordinates. The writer talks of a personality in authority who is so strong and powerful and feared by all.

No one dares to disregard the presence of their power. A soul that disrespects authority never goes scot-free. No one dares to put themselves in the arena of discomfort.


The writer warns all the people dwelling in the neighboring lands, including those planning a rebellion. The people dwelling in the South have tasted the wrath of authority and it is such a pathetic site. The Southerners are the scapegoats in this scenario.

Stanza 3

A life of peace is worth having. Why would anyone trade a peaceful life for one of distress? That would be catastrophic on the part of any rebellious soul.

Stanza 4

Like a noble servant conveying a message of distress, the writer begins to address authority by praising the strength and admiration acquired over the years. He then delves into the darker part of the message that sends a warning to those in authority. They must beware because as the time goes by, authority gradually wears out the subjects become so used to and fed up with the reign under which they have found themselves.

Stanza 5

The writer portrays that there would be a time when the might of authority would be undermined and hewn down. Power would change hands and those in authority would be no more. All those who used to seek protection from the once haven of authority will depart to seek new power. The probability of a desolate seat of power being encountered in the near future is high.


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