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The Mine of the Marble Skull; Jump, (Part VI)

Updated on April 9, 2018
Ian CW Cameron profile image

Ian is a young writer from the mountains of Colorado, He has been writing since he was a toddler and his passion has not since faded at 30.

Jump, For Bridge Sake

The human attempts to land on the first pillar remained unsuccessful.

Matt on the third attempt, via the 5th day of trials, had the wind knocked out of him. The frustration bottle popped when Darius and Matt exchanged words, which only just stopped short of blows. The men knew better than to harm one another when on such an endeavor.

Lily and Toby talked frantically in the aftermath of the men's clash of words. Assuming the calculations were correct, it may be possible to make up the 300lbs by using two people during the swing. It could be possible for a landing.

The two rushed over to Darius, "We have an idea." they said in unison.

Billy had Matt off to the side, by the cooking fire, to help calm his frustration. Billy Two-Hearts had just been getting set to head out to gather food and check snares. He had noticed signs of deer moving through the mountain areas the snare were set, and Billy was ready for them.

"Tell me, again..." Matt inquired buzzed, he had taken a pull from his flask to take the edge off, "...where did Two-Hearts come from?" Apparently, the man was gifted with a heart that had the strength of two. Giving Billy the ability to function with such ease, as other's close to him would point out the extra caring way in which he lived his life.

Billy always told it thus, "I was running around as a child and playing lacrosse. Couldn't have been older than eight, but after many hours of vigorous play and the other boys had gone home. I would continue to play and practice as if fresh. When we played, I was always running at full speed. Even when I checked my friends, I would reach out a hand to pick them back up off the ground. I'd tear through the middle defender and whip a behind the back shot, top shelf for a goal and laugh with the other boys afterward. My mother was watching one day, she told a few other tribe members that, 'Billy plays with two hearts, one of passion and fire and the other full of kindness and joy."

At the end of the storytelling, Matt and Billy exchanged a single handed clasp upon the forearm and Two-Hearts was off.

Darius, Lily, and Toby came over and presented their ideas for swinging over to the first pillar. It made perfect sense, "And you plus me, dad, equals the needed 300 pounds." Toby said definitively. Matt held his chin in his hand for a moment.

Could this actually work? He thought, just attach another loop and further maximize grasping potential. After a moment, Matt still thinking replied, "Let's do this!"

The preparations were simple, Matt just took his lasso and turned it into a second harness. One difference, the lasso-harness has an extended reach, which gave Toby an extra edge when it came to landing on the pillar.

Darius fashioned a torch for the two Matersens, to use while out on the pillar, which could barely be seen by campfire light. One needs to be able to see if one wants to tie sturdy knots.

Grateful, Matt took the torch kit and packed it safely in the first front pocket. They packed a few sandwiches and prepared to spend a few days out building structures to create a temporary, yet safe bridge. One step at a time, Matt thought, one step at a time.


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