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The Minotaur

Updated on October 29, 2014
Ancient Greek art depicting the famous minotaur of Crete.
Ancient Greek art depicting the famous minotaur of Crete. | Source

The Minotaur

Once in the mists of ancient Crete
There lived a deadly minotaur
In a labyrinth waiting to defeat
Whatever hero walked in the door
The body of a man and the head of a bull
Anyone who challenged it was called a fool
And I'd agree, it seemed pretty insane
Until the hero Theseus came
Ariadne gave him a ball of thread
To help him win this deadly game
And prayed he wouldn't end up dead

Now we must tell how the beast came about
A white bull was given to Minos to sacrifice
But the laws of Poseidon King Minos did flout
He killed all the brown bulls and kept the white
Poseidon was angry at the disregard for his rule
So he made Queen Pasiphae fall in love with the bull
Soon she was pregnant with an abomination
The King hid the baby in humiliation
He hired Daedalus, a brilliant inventor
To build a maze, his finest creation
To imprison the monster, the young minotaur

Every seven years seven women and men
Were led to their deaths to appease the beast
Vanished in the maze, never seen again
People were sure the minotaur enjoyed his feast
When the time of the third sacrifice arrived
The hero Theseus contrived
A plan to defeat the deadly minotaur
He'd win a bride and so much more
So he took his place in line
Prepared his magic thread to explore
And entered the creature's dreaded shrine

He tied the string to the entrance way
Unsheathed his blade and lit a flame
And told the other people to stay
He had a monster to maim
Luckily the thread was bright
Which way? This way? Left or right?
He followed the sounds of roars and scraping
Not once did he even consider escaping
He was the mighty Theseus
He rushed to the center where the minotaur was waiting
And it was furious

A long epic struggle ensued
Thrashing and wrestling in the mud
Eventually the fight was through
And Theseus's blade shone red with blood
He followed the string back to the start
Then with Ariadne made to depart
He was rewarded with her hand in marriage
Not even the king could disparage
The great hero who settled the score
Showing remarkable reserves of courage
In defeating the deadly minotaur

There in the maze lay the beast
Looking smaller in its defeat
Born to live and die in war
Never to leave the isle of Crete
So died a lonely minotaur

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    • profile image

      sheilamyers 3 years ago

      This is an awesome poem. I've heard bits and pieces of the myth, but your poem taught me more of the details.