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The Mirror '10

Updated on July 27, 2011

 Every morning you face the world

WIth that pretty smile you flash their way.

"She's unbelievable. She's strong and brave," they say.

They look at you, but they don't think twice.

They see your beauty and that's enough.

But I see your pain and your need to feel loved.



I can see your smile fading.

The light in your eyes is growing dim.

The fire that once lit your aching heart

Is burning out, leaving nothing left.

I've always seen you for who you are,

Immune to your lies and hurt when you cry.

I've felt all your tears

I've tried to fight your fears.

But you're happy. You're happy.

So you say.


Every night, you stare through me.

With a tear-stained face, I stare back at you.

I know what you want, you beg me every night.

"Close your eyes, please make it stop now."

Thats what you say to me,

But listen to me now.


I can see your smile fading.

The light in your eyes is going dim.

The fire that once lit your aching heart

is burning out, leaving one spark alive.

I'll always see you for who you are

Immune to your lies, and hurt when you cry.

I'll dry all your tears

I'll try to fight your fears.

You can be happy. Be happy.

(If you) Hold on girl, you can face the world.

Your stronger than you could ever know.

Don't let go when there's so much left.

I'll raise you up when you fall down.

I'll turn on the stars when the sun goes down.

So be happy.

Be happy.

You can be happy now.


Rockwell Mirror
Rockwell Mirror | Source


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    • krazikat profile image

      Ophelia Madden 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      I like this poem. People do not always see what you are really feeling inside...