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The Mirror Of The Decades

Updated on January 16, 2010

The Mirror Of The Decades.

Look into the mirror of the decades,
its ancient tarnished glass reveals,
the Camelot years where the king's robes
hid the sordid Norma Jeans he got into....
just his extra-marital dalliances till Dallas.

Then came the polishing of
the Johnson wax job,
here the images grew cloudy with
the smoke and mirrors of an undeclared war,
till his heavy heart bid him exit.

Next was the man with a crooked smile,
who ended the Vietnam Conflict but was
exposed to the nation
as the emperor without clothes,
his tricky dick on view to all in
seven minutes of erased tape.

Soon we rode in an old Ford
tripping the light fantastic,
our vehicle for leadership
but only a replacement for the breakdown
of Nixon's Edsel at Watergate.

This was followed by a long hiatus
sipping Billy Beer and eating peanuts,
spending long hours in the Rose garden,
all roads to peace closed
much like our eyes in prayer,
for a nation held hostage.

There are so many images to be found
in this mirror of the decades,
I can only offer a quick glimpse
at the skewed views that haunt it.

Next came the Academy Award winning
performance of Ronald Reagan,
till the mirror cracked with the
wieght of an Iran contra-diction.

Leaving us we saddled with more
ex'es from Texas to come,
as we read the lips of
George Bush senior and paid for
the damaged mirror with many more taxes.

Bringing us a Bill that was
paid off in peace and prosperity,
till our faith was wrapped in a cuban cigar,
and slipped into the oval orifice
of a devil with a blue dress on.

That was right about when we threw
a sheet over the mirror,
and wandered aimless in disarray,
under the am-Bush of stupidity
eight years of republican'ts
and a commander-in-grief,
whose deceitful bloodshed
will stain the mirror forever.

Next we abandoned years

of racial prejudice and sought hope

in a minority leader to

speak for the majority at large.

The Capital resounded with hope until the

first hundred days had passed and our new leader

Obama was hounded by the losing party who supped

only from the nectars of sour grapes

and criticized everything he did and still does today

over a year onto his presidency

trading white sheets and hoods

for tea parties and crucifixion upon

a cross of endless negatives,

and sadly he has begun to give in to

compromise on his promises and to allow

the naysayers to sway him.

One can only hope he will still

rise to the occassion and put the

republicant's back in their rightful places

among the losers, the whiners,

the disrupters of thier leaders plans.

Now we must look into

the mirror again, come 2012
and scrub its once polished face clean,
for the mirror of the decades
can show a tomorrow of promise,
or more of the same.

I do not know who should be
the next vision in the
mirror of decades,
to many look hauntingly familiar,
a rear view mirror
modeling thier predecessor,
and the others offer
a new view for all.

I only know that when I look
into the mirror that tells all,
I am disgusted by the reflections
of what we've become.

Now the man in the mirror
is up to us, as masses gaze
at what was, and wonder at
what's yet to come. ©-MFB III



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