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The Mirror by Sierra Lane

Updated on April 9, 2016

The Mirror


Don't understand

What it's like

To be on the outside

To be a freak

Like me

And I

Wouldn't expect

Them to know

What it's like

To be forgotten

See, the voices taking over

And the words in my head

Can't seem to let me

Forget about the monsters under my bed

Hiding in my closet

Looking in my reflection

The creatures dwell in my head

The voices saying I'm done

The words they shoot at me

Because I don't

Feel needed

Not wanted

I'm a freak, a monster

So they say

I'm irregular


I'm a freak

Looking in my reflection

Seeing me as I'm seen

But I see you as you are

You're like me

A created monster

A created freak

We're being words we're told to be

Fear fueled by words

Sharpened like knives

I'm tired

Of being told

What the mirror says.


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