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The Monarch

Updated on March 4, 2017

The Monarch


His body is clamped so tight, he can barely breath.

But he doesn’t notice the pain he doesn’t notice what’s wrong, to him its normal.

For months the deep darkness is all he knows and he grows to love it.

Never wanting to leave the comfortable blanket of this deep abyss that he has called home for so long.

The day came however, the day that he knew was coming for a very long time.

He was forced.

Forced out of his blanket in the cold.

The sunlight hurt; the brightness felt like it was eating away at his soul.

Time went by and the misery grew.

It grew and grew.

One day his life changed.

He was crawling around missing the darkness that he once called home, he was just getting by, and all he wanted was his darkness.

In fact, the hunger for his darkness was so strong that he never bothered to even look at himself.

He didn’t think he could stand the sight.

Walking had never seemed harder.

He had never felt as though he had to bear so much weight, and he was right.

The weight grew heavier and heavier, and he soon realized that he was holding something real.

The day came when he took a great look at himself, and realized something.

There were wings.

He was beautiful.

He had never seen such an amazing thing.

He was phenomenal.

He could fly!

People stared, the adoration he felt was like no other.

He was chased after, and he was wanted by everyone.

It was unbelievable, he thought, that he could think so poorly of himself and not even take a second look.

Darkness who?

His cozy blanket seemed so far from crossing his mind and he never wanted to go back.

It was time to spread his wings and soar.

The sparkle of the sun, the beauty of the world, the light was all he could see.

It was him now.



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