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The Moon Has Seen Everything

Updated on January 17, 2013

It’s there every night
Even when you cannot see
If you want to know the past
The way it knows you
Then look to the one heaven
That waits for you to ask

What man fails to record
And what man chooses to hide
Is there waiting for you to notice
For what the moon knows
Is what is possible
And what is hopeless

The secrets kept by celestial bodies
Are the ones you wish to forget
The same as all of mankind
The stories you wish to tell
Are the ones you wish to remember
But the heavens pay them no mind

How can you cast away a man’s fears?
The simple things are the hardest to explain
What was decided long ago is reinvented today
Man once knew but we must learn it all again
Modern man assumes his superiority
Does he love more because he feels his heartbeat?
What the ancients knew of life
Was the strength to live in the cold and the heat
We have intellectualized the essence of life
What was unspoken is now defined
We have killed God once again
Because we believe we are no longer blind


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