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The Most Twisted Description On The Topic Of Nothing

Updated on May 9, 2015

The Intricate Details Of Nothing

This most probably will make no sense.

Is nothing a state, condition,or perspective? Is it an emotion or feeling? Can proof be found to substantiate its existence or absence? What exactly is it?

Nothing is not anything. Anything is something. Something is anything. Nothing is anything unimportant. Ergo, to the latter statement; nothing is indeed something, but, in reference to the first, it is also not something. It is and it is not.

Nothing is like the color grey; neither black nor white. It is the perfect blend of false and truth.Supposedly it is the illusion upon which the society is based and opposed to.

I believe to be neither the non-existence of absence nor the absence of existence. Simple and often in use, but rarely understood.

A myriad of assumptions arise from nothing. As human beings we assume its meaning but expend its uses. We assume that its definition is complete yet it is not definite.

I believe it stands for all we experience that is indescribable. It is a folder in our minds that we hide thoughts and daily occurrences in which we make assumptions based on truth or false.

I think it to be an illusion. A product of our inactive imagination and an illustration of the poverty we possess in our thought and reason. It only comes alive as it is when we will it.


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