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The Mouse in the House

Updated on January 31, 2020

Cover mouse in the house

Mouse in the house

Title: Mouse in the House.

Story by Esa Myllylä

It's a little mouse, who lives in a house. He has a nice life for those who live there eat good food every day and several times a day, the little mouse eats bread crumbs, small pieces of cheese.

For the people there eat a lot and stuff themselves full in the mouth, and the best part is that all they like to talk with food with their mouth so crumbs flying everywhere. Thinks the little the mouse. And they clean house only once a week. The little mouse is so happy with his life, good food, water and shelter, and no cat. Yes, life cannot be better than this. It is like a paradise, and he has lived there for a year now. Butt one day he sees how people begin to pack the things and clothes in plastic bags. Men come in and carry out furniture and all other things. And suddenly, everything is empty. He walks around slowly and looks around. He smells at the floor and he finds little crumbs to and move on. He goes upstairs and sees that it is empty. He is thinking. But where is everyone and how can they forget me. What can I get food now? He goes down the stairs and go into the room where he creeps into his little den. Days go by and hungrier he gets, and suddenly he hears a terrible noise and the floor shakes. It becomes quiet, but suddenly, he sees how everything breaks, wood turn in to small sharp toothpicks and flying around. He sees how a great ball entering the house and breaks everything in its path. He panics and does not know what he will do. Once the evil bullet enters the house again and breaks down the stairs and the kitchen. The little mouse begins to run. The wood with nails falls behind him, iron pipes and plastic pipes cracks as it bothered. He runs for his life and wondering what is the one monster that can break so big house so easily. He hears a big humming noise and the big evil shining ball comes in one last time the house and mouse jump out of the wreckage of boards that are left. The little mouse rolls itself up

near by a tree. He feels a little dizzy and seeing how a yellowish thing go over the house. It has rolling metal feet and it has big white eyes that can shows

night like it would be daylight. The little mouse does not want to see more and ran into the woods and do not dare to see backwards. He is so afraid of the monster that he runs and runs for several hours. Skipping stones, leaps over branches, splashing in the puddle. But suddenly he is so tired to run more and fall asleep on the spot under a big tree. The night turned into morning. The little mouse comes wakes up and hear the birds chirping for the first time. He sits up and looks around. He sees only trees and grass. He climbs the big tree and going rushing up to the top and look around and only sees trees that has leaves and some Christmas trees that he is on now. He sees a large rock farther and hear a bird whistles as a train. He hears the wind comes closer and looks around and spots a bird that comes with great speed towards him. The mouse takes a step down in tree and see how the needles fall off from the top of the Christmas tree. The mouse was really scared and see how the bird flapping away, he get big eyes when he looks at the claws of the bird. Razor sharp and it has a sharp nose. What could it be, he wonders, a bird tried to take him for breakfast the little mouse climbs down quickly and takes cover behind a big stone. The ears stand out, and he wobbles with them to hear better, but he hears nothing and climb on the top of the stone. He looks up at the sky and can't see the breakfast eating bird anymore. He looks around and remembers that

mountain was to the north, and he wanders deeper and deeper into the forest. He hears how it taps on a tree little further away and see a bird beating its beak on the tree. He sees how it strikes and try to go under the bark and it takes a white worm and eat it quickly. Mouse wants to talk the bird but do not know if it is dangerous or a friend. But he makes fast decision and go a little closer and make little noise. Bird with big beak looks at the little mouse and shakes his head and flies away. Little mouse standing on its back legs and wonder what happened. Perhaps the bird does not understand mouse language. Yes, it must be that. The little mouse wanders

further to the north, up on the stones, climbing on the branches and jumps nearby a little puddle. He walks up to it and pulls out its tongue and taste the water carefully. He feels the water in the mouth gently and appears that it is drinkable. He drinks himself full and feel that he has more energy now. He runs faster now toward the north, and sees yellow eyes staring at him from a bush. He runs slowly with the back legs and look around. He gets panic when it rattles in the bush. He sees how one big cat come rushing towards him, the little mouse sees a small hole further away and runs toward it and dive into the hole, while the cat is trying

take the mouse with his right paw. The little mouse screams out in pain. But the cat was not happy, he has only scratched the tail of the mouse. The mouse sits inside the small hole and looks and see a light farther away. The cat pulls in the paw into the cavity and mouse look how sharp claws coming closer. The mouse takes charge and runs toward the light, and he comes out of the other side, he is running for life, but the cat, he does not know that the mouse got away and still trying to take the mouse that is not there in the dungeon. The little mouse running

and runs for his life. He sees a small lake and jump in it and feels cold, he

splashes with all four legs and gets happy how he comes forward. Quickly he comes to the other side and shakes on the body to remove water from the coat. He sees the big rock that is a small mountain and runs toward it, but he feels how it stings in the tail. He stops and licks the wound is not dangerous but stings. He walks slowly now, and take the first steps on the mountain.

He climbs up slowly by jumping from stone to stone. Suddenly he hears a sound like him recognizes, he looks around but sees nothing. He heads up to the top and hear

the same sound again and stop and look around. He sees a pair of white round ears stick up behind a stone and hear the sound. Suddenly he sees how mouse heads popping up everywhere. The little mouse gets a shock. They are everywhere he thinking. One of them says to the little mouse. Where do you come from, the little mouse answers. I lived in a house but the house is gone and I do not know what shall i do. One mouse answered: you can stay with us, we have very good

water and food here.
The little mouse nodded her head yes. All mice, big ones and small ones came to the little mouse and he welcomed him and told him that he was part of the family.

In the end, he found a house with a lot of mouse. Mass passages in the mountains and a lot of nice little huts and endless food.


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