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The Mouth of Sauron

Updated on March 3, 2018


Many of the Numenoreans had perished due to their desire to escape death and seek immortality. The line of the Black Numenoreans had luckily escaped that fate because they were favored by Sauron and had achieved great power. Sauron stole them away from Numenor when the Vala brought destruction down on those who rejected the Gift of Men. For generations the line of the Black Numenoreans had served Sauron directly and had been amongst his closest servants. Now the Mouth of Sauron served as a lieutenant in the tower of Barad-Dur and spoke for Sauron himself. He did not remember his own name, and it was not recorded in any tales or histories. He was full of evil knowledge and was feared by all servants of Sauron except for the Ring Wraiths. Sauron himself had kept his line save from the destruction of Numenor, being that he had other things in mind for the Black Numenoreans.

Leadership Roles

Being that the Witch King of Angmar had fallen at Minas Tirith, The Mouth of Sauron was Sauron’s last great champion and was second among the hosts of darkness only to the Dark Lord himself. It was up to him to lead the hosts of Mordor out to eradicate these pests that now stood before them. The only threats among their foes were the meddling wizard Gandalf, and the rumored heir of Elendil called Aragorn. Sauron himself seemed to be troubled by this man who claimed to be king. Maybe he had claimed the ring for himself and was more threatening than they could imagine, but even so, he could not hope to stand against the one who had made the ring. He was delivering the last hope of resistance right to the Black Gate if he were truly in possession of the Ring of Power.

the Mouth of Sauron


Trickery employed against The Captains of The West

The “Captain of the West” had been fools to send their little spies inside Mordor. Even if they had not truly been caught, they had left behind their blade, mail, and cloak. This would be enough to dismay the western men and to make them believe that these little spies had been caught. Surely this was some plot of Gandalf, from which he would have thought to gain some insight into the mind of Sauron. No man or wizard had that knowledge, save the Mouth of Sauron himself. Gandalf would surely give up much for the return of his little rats, and maybe make the war much easily won.

The Black Gate


Measuring his Foes

The time had come to go out and treat with these dogs who thought themselves wise and powerful. The Mouth of Sauron rode out with his guard and the tokens he had been bidden to show the Captains of the West. He wished to see what type of power these men truly possessed, and to measure himself against these foes. Surely some man who claimed to be king and some wizard could not be equal in strength and wisdom the that of The Mouth of Sauron, yet when he tried to hold Aragorn’s gaze, he felt an unsuspected power there and he could do nothing but recoil in defeat. That was no matter, he could still hope to deceive them through revealing the tokens and dismay them. At first The Mouth of Sauron thought this would work and that they may accept these terms to get their precious friends back, but the meddling wizard, Gandalf defied him and revealed some new power that was not expected. It seemed that war was the only path to take. That was no matter, The Mouth of Sauron enjoyed battle and would achieve great victory this day. Yet sill, the encounter with the Captains of the west had planted a seed of doubt in his mind. Could these men truly be powerful enough to withstand the forces of Mordor? Had this self-proclaimed king taken up the Ring for his own and harnessed its power? Surely this was not the case, had Sauron known this so would the Mouth. He tried to assure himself that nothing was at risk, that the battle was as good as won, but the doubt remained as he rode back to the Black Gate.


The time for battle came and The Mouth f Sauron led the vast hosts of Mordor against the Western men who stood before them. The forces of the Black swept over their foes like a black tide, and it seemed that they would overwhelm them instantly. However, The Captins resisted the first onslaught and held their ground. No matter, they could not endure for long under the despair that the Nazgul brought down on them. It was then that the eagles descended from the skies and engaged in combat with the winged Nazgul. That was an ill turn, and yet there still seemed that there was no hope for these men, until something changed. It seemed that the air went out of the world, and the ground itself began to tremble. The black gate was crumbling and the hosts of Mordor began to flee in dismay. Something had happened, something unforeseen. Could it be that the Ring has been destroyed? No! It could not be that Sauron had not foreseen that threat could it? Before the Moth of Sauron had time to ponder this he felt his own body crumbling and the weight of his high helm sinking down on his shoulders. He was full of Sauron’s power and will, and he was being destroyed along with everything else in the service of the Dark Lord.

The Mouth of Sauron


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