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The Mystery Rider Chapter 2: Vroom Vroom….

Updated on September 11, 2014

Chapter 2 : Vroom Vroom...

The Members gathering in the community hall started the discussion. To begin with, it was a chaos as everyone wanted to be heard and wanted to give their opinion. Within a few minutes the voices were heard in small pockets, wherein a few sub groups were formed and the discussions and noises continued. The Head of the Central Committee and the Secretary observed for a few minutes and then they the discussion is not getting anywhere as all of them are trying to speak but nothing is being sorted.

With a firm voice he got everyone to be quiet for a moment and then requested them to remain in their groups. Then he suggested that each of the sub groups be represented by a member within them and that person address everyone gathered in the room.

If any other group does not have a different suggestion, solution or opinion than what is already offered then they should not repeat but only add what is not spoken as yet. Everyone agreed to the same. It was a reasonable proposal which everyone agreed to cooperate.

First Mr Trilok raised his hand and requested to be heard out. The head gave a go ahead for the same.

Mr Trilok suggested that they all should invite the person to the meeting and speak to him. He could be invited under the pretext that the music played last evening was a little disturbing and then take it forward from there. We can know about the person. He will know that we are social people and would like him to be a part of our gatherings. This way it will be a reasonable solution.

Mr Rajneesh did not appreciate the thought at all and was agitated at the mention of the person being invited. Mr Rajneesh mentioned that as per the information committee had, this stranger was part of the society for the past two and half months. The Stranger hasn’t been seen for any of the meetings and neither has taken efforts to contact anyone as yet. According to Mr Rajneesh this was a strange behavior.

Mr. Trilok argued that is the very reason why they should invite him for the meeting and speak to him.

Mr. Rajneesh argued that an invitation was sent to the stranger apartment for the meeting last month but nonetheless he chose not to come.

Mr. Trilok argued that it could be due to some prior commitment he may have had.

However Mr Rajneesh firmly put across that if that was the case the stranger should have intimated accordingly about his absence.

Mr Trilok held his breath for a moment and then asked, we have been referring to this person as a stranger, but if his registration papers are with the society then I am sure he has name and we know his name.

The Secretary intervened, and gave the name. The strangers name is Mr Aniket.

Mr Trilok thanked the Secretary and then mentioned to Mr Rajneesh that it is best if refer to the person as Mr Aniket and not as stranger.

Mr Rajneesh argued further, what if that is not his true name.

Mr Trilok scratched his forehead and then looked at everyone, and then mentioned that, “Mr Rajneesh I agree that you are in nature that you doubt everyone, but don’t you think you are going way to ahead on doubting someone. He maybe not known to us but does not mean that we stick only to what our mind says about him. Maybe he is a reasonable guy and does not like to socialize and prefers to stay within himself.”

Mr Rajneesh due to his nature was not convinced and continued with his argument. He gave vague theories mentioning what if Mr Aniket is a terrorist or what if he was a crook. Or what if he was a person who is hiding from the cops and hence not social as he does not want to reveal his identity.

On the last suggestion given by Mr Rajneesh fear started creeping in. Everyone in the meeting started supporting him. Even the committee Head and the Secretary, though rationale people, neither did they support anyone nor did they oppose anyone. They wanted to ensure that whatever the majority wanted was to be carried out. Leading the committee was the most difficult job for them and they did not want to agitate anyone but yet try to be as reasonable as possible.

The Head and the Secretary called the meeting to order and suggested that they take a quick vote on the fact whether the person should be invited or not. Apart from Mr Trilok no one else was in favor of inviting the person. Fear had already crept in and everyone was now with Mr Rajneesh as no one wanted to any risks.

Mr Rajneesh had a sly smile as everyone supported his view point. Mr Trilok was disappointed; his rationale did not find a buying. The Secretary and the Head of the Committee empathized with Mr Trilok however supported the majority.

Mr Rajneesh was about to speak further when a loud noise of a motorbike disturbed the meeting.

A Sports bike gathered steam as it was started and then it passed the Committee hall. The rider turned right and looked inside towards the meeting room. All the members were looking in the same direction and the person on the Yamaha Bike looking towards them. The sharp green eyes of rider, head covered with a Helmet and the visor covering most of his face. Only his eyes were visible.

Vroom Vroom!

He paused for a moment, raised the accelerator twice and then left the premises of the society. Each and every eye in the meeting hall was following the rider.

All they heard was a loud Vroom fading away in the street adjoining the society.


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