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Famous Haunted Places--The Myrtles Plantation

Updated on March 11, 2011
The Myrtles Plantation
The Myrtles Plantation

St. Franicsville, Louisiana

This famous Bed and Breakfast has been the subject of a few Haunted TV programs and has been documented in many books.   It was built in 1796 by General David Bradford.  There have been several murders in the home since it was built, and some of those unfortunate souls refuse to leave.  These restless spirits have been seen by just about everyone who has been a guest there.  This is one of the reasons why several professional investigators have labeled the home, The Most Haunted House in America.”

The history of the house is that General Bradford was a slave owner and became intimately involved with one of his slaves, Cleo.  When the General eventually shunned her, Cleo allegedly took revenge out on his two children by poisoning the family with an oleander- laced cake.   The children died, but the General and his wife survived.  Cleo was hung for her murderous deed, but she can still be seen walking outside and inside the large home.  Other spirits of former slaves can still be seen at the home, as well. 

The two little girls can also be observed on the property and in the home, playing as though they had no idea that they had passed on. 

Another owner of the home, William Drew Winter, was shot on the side porch of the home in 1871.  He dragged himself inside the house and up to the 17th stair before he expired.  Visitors can still hear Winter’s spirit dragging himself up that staircase. 

The grand piano has also often been heard to play by itself… not an entire song, but only one cord.

There have been many first-hand experiences of spirit and/or ghost sightings at the Myrtle Plantation.  If you would like to join the list, contact them and make a reservation.


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