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The Mysterious Dental Assistant

Updated on March 27, 2014

The sign on the door stated that a dental assistant was needed. She ripped the sign off the door and came into the office. She said, “hello, my name is Jasmine and I am here from the agency.”

The receptionist smiled and said, “you‘re early. I will give him a buzz to let him know that you’re here. He will be out shortly.”

Dr. Mims came out and was immediately infatuated with Jasmine. All he could see was her luscious lips, long legs and beautiful red hair. He motioned for Jasmine to follow him. He was so dazed and confused that he tripped over the rug and fell into his office. The aroma of her perfume filled the room. He was under her spell.

He smiled and said, “please, have a seat. Jasmine, I am not going into details, you know what you‘re here to do. Please consider this as a favor. Your father was my closest friend.”

Jasmine interrupted and said, “I can start tomorrow. I will be here in the morning at 8:00."

She smiled and reached out her hand to close the deal. He reached out his hand to touch hers. It felt warm and soft as silk. He wanted to wrap himself in them. She turned around and left the room. He was still standing there paralyzed by her touch.

Jasmine came in the next day. Dr. Mims brought her to the examination room.

He said, "here is our first patient of the day.”

The patient was seated in the dental chair. Jasmine put a mask on so he couldn't see her face.

Dr. Mims came in and said, “hello Mr. Grimes, this is my new dental assistant. Her name is Jasmine. You are in good hands.”

Dr. Mims said to Jasmine, “Please keep Mr. Grimes company and I will be right back.”

The door closed and Jasmine immediately pulled off her mask. Mr. Grimes started yelling, “I know you. Get away from me! Help! Someone help!”

Jasmine said, “Yes, you know who I am. I want you to. You killed my father and now I am going to kill you!”


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