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The Mysterious Shoes Part 2

Updated on October 17, 2012

It was getting late and we could not find any shelter. Our whereabouts were unknown and the gas station was miles away. The streets were awfully quiet, plus driving for several hours started to take its toll on me. Despite this, I was having the time of my life. I loved feeling free without a single care in the world. It was as if I had fallen into a new lease of life; I couldn't thank her enough.

Everything about her was great, just the way she laughed made my heart melt. We kept making funny faces at one another like two little children playing in a sandcastle. There was nothing wrong with being immature, we can't always be grumpy now can we? Mind you I do not think the residents shared the same sense of view. They watched us closely while we wondered around in search of a hotel anticipating our every move. Maybe they thought we were aliens or that we dressed weird. Nevertheless we laughed quitely through the weary mob , and tip toe around like little angles not wanting to make any trouble.

Finally we found a place to stay and to our surprise the door was stuck. Now usually you would have thought me being the man this would have been a piece of cake. Unfortunately that was not the case. All I could do was look down and beat myself up for not going to the gym like I said I would, and hope she wouldn't think any less of me.

At last the door opened, and there was a sense of relief and laughter as we got in. Our eyes lit up and stared at the bottle of champagne sitting across the table. She whispered into my ear while heading towards the bathroom. Just the sound of her voice sent a tingling sensation down my spine and left me wondering what the future had in store for us.

Hours past and the stars were drifting upon us. The bed was warm and the room was filled with magical colours being projected from the TV. We spent the rest of the night throwing popcorn at one another until eventually we dozed off into our own dream lands. It’s nice to dream sometimes, you never want to wake up. By the looks of things she did not want to either. Although I guess all good things come to an end and before we knew it morning came.

So off we went ready to embark on a new day , I could not decide on what to shirt to wear; the blue shirt didn't really bring out the colour in my eyes, nor did the brown checkered top. She just laughed nonstop and told me I was a clown. She always saw the funny side of things…

However,I wish I could say the same for me... Waiting for her to get dress was like an eternity; I never could understand why she took so long. Still in the shower she was, totally oblivious to how long I had waited . Her phone started going off , and there was a mysterious name on the front of the screen. I asked who this person was but there was no reply.

At this point I couldn't move or breathe, everything was quiet.My worst nightmare was becoming true and there was nothing i could do to stop it. As i stood there in silence i could not help but think of all the shameful acts she may have done behind my back. My fist were shaking, i had never felt so angry. Who ever this person was had ruined everything, and he had to pay.

The phone vibrated; she quickly picked it up and urged me read to the message .At this point what was i meant to do? Read the message and ruin everything we have, or ignore it, and attempt to forgive her? Maybe it was something i had done which led her to to this man. I looked at her and i could see the pain in her eyes . Her soft hands gently wiped the tears off my face; I pulled her closer and embraced her cold body. I could feel her soul running through my veins, touching the darkest places unknown to mankind. For some reason i knew this was bigger than some cheap affair, and when i read the message my heart sank to a new low.

How couldn't I see the signs? She was dying, and I had no idea...We tried to talk, but it could not stop the misery and pain that moved through the air. There I stood confronted by flashbacks . All I could do was watch every moment we shared go by. That's all they were to me, moments...

Hours passed, and the clouds grew thicker. Little droplets of rain splattered the grounds but dissaperead without leaving a trace behind. We stood at the balcony with our hands tightly gripped together. My brain was on overdrive;so many questions needed to be awnsered. I wanted to ask her but the thought of not seeing that her smile again made my tongue crawl back into my mouth. She looked at me and pointed out that there was a beach nearby.I never did like the beach, walking around in cold water while having the ice cream van constantly play that annoying jingle done my head in.To her, this was more than just a beach.She was safe there, and I could not understand why, but the thought of loosing her at any time remained permanent.This was one wish i was determined to make true,and i could not let her down anymore...

The night was airy, and the trees rustled away.The roads were rough, and the sign-boards were falling into pieces. The beach felt like miles away but that was not going to stop us from reaching our destination. We took a minute to breathe in the ocean and fall onto the sands and make star signs until our arms felt numb.

I watched her dance to the sounds of the sea wrestling with the winds. She moved gracefully as her hair swayed from left to right, in a synchronized motion matching her every step.She smiled and i smiled right back.Nothing could beat this moment.This was paradise...

She looked so happy being here, it was a pleasure hearing her laugh again. I wanted to laugh too but I couldn't. There was no happy ending for us, not even the God's could change this. So I looked towards the heavens and begged never to let her smile run away. She deserved to be up there in the blue skies; there wasn't a single bad bone in her...

I know that some day she will have to leave me, but when that day comes I won't be afraid. Every moment that we have left will be like our first. Cemented deep within our hearts and tied to our souls forever. So as the moon fell onto the ocean our eyes slowly shut and awaited for this day to end. There was no conversation needed, just a kiss on the lips and our bodies pressed against each other. Sooner or later we would have to say goodbye...and when that day comes i will never be the same again...


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