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The Mystery Rider - 3 Who is that Guy?

Updated on September 11, 2014

Who is that Guy?

Mr Rajneesh immediately pointed out to everyone, “Did you guys see those eyes, the way he looked at all of us. Don’t you think, there is something mysterious about him. “

Mr Trilok immediately added, “I do not think so. He simply looked and passed by. It was normal and nothing unusual about it”

Mr Rajneesh was not happy with Trilok’s response. He felt that he is defending the Mystery Man for no reason. Mr Trilok being rationale person felt otherwise. He was of the opinion that Mr Rajneesh doubted Mr Aniket for no rhyme or reason. Mr Rajneesh was unnecessarily creating doubt in everyone’s mind and also trying to spoil everyone’s rational thinking as well.

Mr Rajneesh and the rest did not like Mr Trilok’s approach and here Mr Honde also joined him and suggested that Mr Trilok should give others a fair chance before his theory comes into practice.

Everyone joined in the argument and Mr Trilok was silenced by the entire group.

The Head and the Secretary of the Committee had their sympathies for Mr Trilok however as usual leading a committee was not an easy task. For them it was their job to put forward what was correct according to them but they could not dictate terms. They had to understand what the entire group collective wanted.

Before they went ahead with taking the next set of opinion they mentioned to everyone that once they should consider what Mr Trilok had suggested and even according to them, that is the Secretary and the Head, it would be a sensible decision to call Mr Aniket to the meeting for a dialogue and it is best to refer to him by his name.

Everyone agreed only to refer the Mystery Man by his name but did not agree to call Mr Aniket to the meeting. Mr Rajneesh had already scared them sufficiently.

The Head and the Secretary were left with little options. They then asked Mr Rajneesh if he had anything further to add to what he mentioned earlier or should they ask others. Mr Rajneesh replied that he was done with his opinion and would like to know if anyone else has any suggestion.

Once again as the Head had to intervene and get the suggestions organized. One group suggest that they first keep note of the timings whenever this person is visible. Another group suggest that they should take help of other apartments within the area and keep a watch on the house for any unusual event. One of them suggests that they know someone in the police and they will take their suggestion on the matter too. There was hardly any rationale behind the suggestions that came in. It seemed clear that the fear set in by Mr Rajneesh had taken its toll. Everything that was happening was more a reaction towards Mr Rajneesh’s suggestion. Mr Trilok was warned and informed not to go and have an individual discussion with Mr Aniket. With his head nodding in disappointment Mr Trilok left the meeting. He was not happy the way the members were reacting to a small incident.

The others continued with the discussion. First they decided to note the timings the person will be coming and going. The next step they decided to follow him they know the timing.

Based on the outcome of the meeting the security guard and all others start making note of the timings Mr Aniket comes and goes in the society. Over the next week the members have all the details ready for the meeting.

They all meet up in the community hall however Mr Trilok does not join them. It was noted that he leaves the premises once in the morning, once in the afternoon and the third time is in the evening. Early hours of morning and afternoon he returns very soon, however in the evening he returns very late. Most of the times he returns only past midnight.

Two youngsters are called into the meeting. They are given the specific timings and told to follow Mr Aniket all the time, from evening to morning. They are given petrol allowance and additional cash if they need to spend.

After two days of chasing they come down with the details to the meeting.

Mr Aniket has travelled to different parts of the town. For the first day he was close to the town centre. Next day he has travelled to the western outskirts of the city. Every time he has travelled under mysterious circumstances as he suddenly disappeared into the lanes or by-lanes of the respective areas and then was untraceable. On both days in the evening he disappeared in the lanes only to be seen returning to the society.

Mr Rajneesh takes down the exact details of the areas they had followed him into.

The moment MR Rajneesh takes down the details, Mr Warhead who is sitting close by mentions that as per the newspapers these re the areas where there were small thefts and a major house breaking incident. In the outskirts close to the countryside a major house break incident took place. Loot worth a few lakhs was stolen. He adds further, that on the earlier day to that there were a few bags stolen from first time travelers to the city.

Everyone who has gathered were now worried. They did not have an answer to the present situation. Before anyone could add anything the Head of the Society immediately intervened. He mentioned, “Look guys before you draw any conclusion, I would like this case to be properly investigated within ourselves. As per the CCTV images of the society on both nights and occasions when Mr Aniket has returned he did not have anything more than his own bike.”

The Head rarely put his foot down. His tone this time was very clear and he did not want the matter to go out of hand.


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