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The Mystery Rider - 4 The Hermit and the Crematorium

Updated on September 11, 2014

The Meeting

Two men walk down towards the small hut in the Central Crematorium. Inside the hut the hermit with a long beard is seated on a dear skin deep in meditation.

As they enter the hut, they saw that the hermit deep in meditation. They sat on the ground and waited for the person to open his eyes. They knew the protocol, the hermit did not like to disturbed whenever he was in meditation.

The two visitors one foreigner and other a local were the most famous drug dealers in town. The foreigner, Neil, came from a distant land in the southern belt of the American Continent. The local accompanying him, Vilas, was one of the key contact for all the drug deals that took place in town.

Neil always sent the dough through a chain of dealers which finally landed in India in this city.

The hermit was the Indian head of the association. He was famous for Black magic and his love for drugs. It was said that he could judge the quality of drugs by merely holding the packet. The Hermit spent his evenings meditating. Today was an exception as the consignment that was sent last week had been delayed. Given the circumstances the Hermit had called both of them together. He had given them the specific time so that he could update them with the details on the delay for the consignment.

It was strange for anyone as though in meditation the Hermit always knew when someone was around. If someone came in early he would never bother to open his eyes. People said that the Hermit had his own powers and at the same time had a lot of influence in the country. Anyone who dared to go against him was never ever seen again.

A couple minutes after their arrival the hermit opened his eyes. He stretched his hands and legs and then walked down towards the drum which stored water. He splashed water on his face and with help of a mug cleaned his hands and feet. Then he returned to fold the deer skin. Replaced the same with a straw mat and sat on it facing the two visitors.

Hermit: Welcome Neil, it is a pleasure seeing you after such a long time.

Neil: Thank You. It is a pleasure to see you too. It is not every day that I travel to this part of the world. But then as Christmas arrives the dough is in great demand in this Eastern part of the world. This year I thought I will personally come down and see how the supply chain works. It will help me understand the demands in the eastern part of the world.

Hermit: Yes it is good that you have come down. But the only challenge is that you chose the wrong Christmas. The elections are a few months away and life is not that easy during this period. The price for everything doubles up and supply chains become costlier during this period. You may not be aware but the price for your visit is way to have. We have had high level security clearances for you so that you can travel safe in the country. Also your visits to all the other countries within this part of the world are facing a lot of challenges.

Neil: I do understand the trouble you have taken and I am thankful for the same.

Hermit: Well not to worry, now that you are here let us hope that all goes well.

Neil: Yeah that is true, but then again the reason I insisted on meeting you today is something serious.

Hermit: I know Vilas updated me this morning. The delay in delivery in far east has affected business.

Vilas: (chipped in) Not only that it is said that one of the consignments was caught mid way. Fortunately it was a small consignment sent to try out the new route. The older route has been sealed off.

Neil: Any particular reason why it was sealed.

Vilas: The surveillance has suddenly gone up. There is news that a few new officers both military and police have joined hands to bring us down.

Hermit: Our new local contact is he aware that surveillance is on the high.

Vilas: The new contact is completely prepared and the best bet. He has been in service for us for small assignments and the best bet we have had so far. He has had an impeccable record and has never been spotted or caught until date. The outgoing contact suggested him as he has worked closely with him until date.

Hermit: What about the Crusader? Has the contact been informed that he is causing problems?

Neil: Crusader? Who is the Crusader, Is it a new code?

Vilas: No, it is no code. There a crusader and his followers. They are causing problems for the hermit. They have started agitations and making life difficult. Given the circumstances we have little options left.

Neil: What do you mean by that?

Vilas: The new contact has been consigned to sort the Crusader so that we do not face any further issues from him. We will face a backlash for a few days but then it should be controlled very soon. The contact has assured that he will control things at a faster pace.

Neil: Is the crusader reason for the delay for our consignment.

Vilas: No, the Crusader is not aware about the dough business that we run. He is a good man but causing problems for us. He wants the Hermit arrested for different reasons.

Hermit: These are challenging times. I mentioned it to earlier. But nonetheless we will deal with our problems.

Neil nodded his head in appreciation.

Hermit: Vilas, what about the twenty children that were to be dispatched. Has it been sorted?

Vilas: By tomorrow evening it will be done.

Hermit: That is good then. Let us have our dinner then.


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