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The Mystery Rider - 5 The Followers

Updated on September 12, 2014

Paul and his ride

It was about time, thought he young man, he was sitting on his parked bike. Tall and smart, young Paul, was the chosen for the day to follow the Aniket (the Mystery Man). The committee had decided that everyday a new person would be designated to follow Aniket. They did not want Aniket to realize that he was being followed.

Paul was smarter than the ones who were following the earlier day. He had clicked a picture of Aniket’s bike and sent the photo of the bike along with the bikes registration number to his friends and told them to forward it further. A small community was formed on all Social Media sites. An alert was sounded and if anyone spotted the bike or the person then first a message was to be sent to Paul’s number and then until Paul reached the place the person was to follow and keep feeding the details on the site. Paul had logged on to the site on Audio mode and was going to receive all incoming messages on Aniket.

Just as the clock struck half past seven in the evening Aniket walked down to his bike. Five Feet Seven inches in height, green eyes and round faced, he looked a little overweight than usual. Today unexpectedly he did not mount his bike immediately, instead he walked past his parking, through the children’s play area and then towards the gate. He strolled out of the gate. There he saw Paul on his bike, quickly he glanced at the bike. Gestured with thumb up and said that it was a nice bike. Paul responded with a thanks. Aniket then strolled on the street between the two housing societies. In the other block he kept looking towards a particular direction. He kept scratching back of his head and then kept pressing his spine at the lower end. Paul was observing and quietly capturing his moves on his cell phone.

Aniket kept looking in the direction as he continued his stroll.

Paul could guess whomsoever Aniket was looking for did not make an appearance. Finally Aniket walked back to his bike. Close to his bike a few young children were playing. Aniket checked his pockets for something and then removed a round coloured silver foil. He gestured the children to come close, and then was about to open the coloured silver foil, but then suddenly kept it back in his pocket and removed another coloured silver foil and after opening the same offered sugar candies to the young ones. The coloured silver foil contained sugar candies. After this Aniket flicked one in his mouth and then pulled the helmet on his head. Aniket started the bike and then left.

Once again the silent chase began. Paul using the social media kept following Aniket. It seemed that Aniket kept going through lanes and bye lanes and kept appearing and reappearing on the main road. It seemed either mischievous or purposeful that Aniket did so. Paul kept losing him time and again but then thanks to the social media groups he could gather the chase once again. Somewhere mid way as Paul was speeding he suddenly realized that a man standing at a small stall kept looking in his direction, only when went past him he realized that it was Aniket who had parked his bike and looking straight at Paul.

For a moment Paul was scared but then gathered himself quickly and behaved as though he had not noticed Aniket. Paul kept moving towards the next signal. Paul did not know whether it was deliberate by or just a coincidence that Aniket saw him. Nonetheless Paul decided now to maintain distance during the chase.

Paul had parked in a bye lane and kept observing Aniket. After lighting a cigarette Aniket kept looking around. It seemed that Aniket was looking for someone or something. After five minutes, Aniket got back to his bike which was parked a few steps away and then continued his journey unknown to Paul. Paul waited for a few minutes and then continued in the same direction. He had given Aniket a head start and was dependent on the social media groups alert on his phone.

After a few moments Paul realized that there was no message as it seemed Aniket kept going around a block just a little ahead. The next update froze Paul in his tracks. The update asked Paul to look behind in the rear view mirror of his bike. Aniket was right behind him but luckily for Paul he was not noticed as Aniket zoomed past him and got lost in the crowd. Nonetheless this had Paul worried, as he hoped that Aniket had not noticed him. Paul was also hoping that Aniket was not deliberate in going around the block. Paul did not want his cover to be blown. Apart from the fun of chasing, Paul was getting his bike tank refilled to the full and also getting an allowance in case he needed to spend during the chase. All possibilities had been drawn and considered while choosing Paul to chase.

Paul slowed down for some time and waited for the updates on the phone. Again confusing updates came through. Aniket kept moving through the lanes and bye lanes. He seldom used the main road. At times he took longer than expected while coming out of the lanes.

Paul waited for more than an hour at the place and thanked his luck for doing so. Aniket had barely travelled a mile and a half in the last one hour. Finally Aniket zoomed in the direction of the countryside exit to the city.

The group on the outskirts was activated for updates. Finally as per the last update Aniket entered a famous pub on the outskirts. This one had a dance floor too. The Pub was not a very large one but was popular. The drinks were economically priced and the music was good.


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