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The Mystery Rider - 6 The Invisible Ink

Updated on September 15, 2014

The Task

Elsewhere in the city a man in grey suit entered one of the most posh and reputed hotels. The Grand Aurora, one of the prestigious and reputed hotel of the town. He reached the reception and asked for a Room Number. The receptionist dialed the number and guided the person to the lift and told him how to reach the person.

The person took the lift until the second floor and then took the stairs to the fourth floor. There he knocked the door of Room number 431. He was greeted by a old person who let the man in the suit in.

Tom: (the old man) Welcome Santosh and please be seated.

Santosh: (as he entered the room) Thanks Tom.

Tom: Did you have any difficulty finding this place. I believe this is your first visit to this part of the country.

Santosh: Yeah it is, but then your directions were specific and good. I didn’t bother a soul as I reached here.

Tom: Not bad. I have ensured that the CCTV on the second until the fourth floor is not working. Of course it cost me a decent sum but then it gives my clients the privacy they need.

Santosh: Well I believe every business has its own price.

Tom: Of Course it does.

This particular suite was blocked by his company all throughout the year. Even though tom kept visiting other parts of the country this Suite was always blocked by him. No one knew the nature of his business and the hotel managers and director did not mind it as a huge sum was paid to ensure that Tom did not have to keep changing rooms.

It was for the last five years that he kept visiting this part of the country. He always had visitors whenever he came in and the best part was that whenever he had visitors the CCTV was put off for reasons best known to Tom.

Tom was now at the private bar within his suite. Tom picked the finest Whisky Bottle and bought with him to table where Santosh was seated. He lifted two fine glasses and poured a little whisky in each of them. Opened the ice box and looked at Santosh who gestured two rocks of ice. Tom spooned two ice blocks in each of the glasses.

Santosh: (as he stirred the glass and took a sip) I am dealing with you for the first time and I hope you know my way of dealing.

Tom: Yes I know, I have been updated about your past dealings as well. Your success rate is the best hence our company chooses. Back in Switzerland where I come from, we have professional groups dealing with such matters. And just like you their success rate is the best. This time our company decided that we will build a new network as using our contacts from back in Europe is getting costlier by the day.

Santosh: Well in that case I should have demanded more.

Tom: We have our budgets and do not like to overshoot. The Europeans are paid more because of the cost involved. Mind you we are paying you the best for the package you deliver. I still remember you were shocked when we offered you the money. We have details of the last 6 deals you made and none of them half as best as we are doing.

Santosh: Looks like you do a lot of digging.

Tom: Ours is a risky business and we have to be alert all the time.

Santosh: In that case why do you use such a costly Hotel? Will it not blow your cover?

Tom: Santosh, we know our business well and as a matter of fact it is easier to deal through such places as they are seldom under surveillance.

Santosh: Interesting.

Tom: Well there are a lot of interesting things to come up. But then that will depend upon the fact of how good you deliver and how long you choose our company.

Santosh: I am sure how long. It is simply economics, you pay well and I stay longer. And where delivery is concerned, I think you already have the information.

Tom: Yes we have that. Well let us get started. (Tom sipped whisky from his glass.) Please pick up the envelopes and also the currency within.

Santosh: (Picked up the first envelope and opened to see four envelope sized blank sheets) Tom, you must be joking, I had asked for Ten million as advance not four blank sheets.

Tom: Santosh, relax! Before you blow your temper out of control, please see the address on the envelope.

Santosh: (read the address loud.) 11 MG Road.

Tom: Every major city has this address, as a matter of fact even small towns in this country has named one of its roads as MG Road. And every such place, 11 M G Road is our Bank. The moment you give them the note, they will dip it in a solution. This will enable them to understand the amount mentioned along with my personal signature and company seal. Mind you no one else in this world uses this ink and solution. It is our trademark and style of dealing.

Santosh sipped his whisky, relaxed his back against the chair and sighed a relief as he heard further.

Tom: Once the amount is confirmed then within seconds the amount will be deposited in an account within seconds. If you insist for immediate payout, the amount as demanded will be matched with the note and the balance if any will be given in similar notes. For your information, each of the note you hold is worth two and a half million.

Santosh: Phew! (Sighing louder). Can I have a little more of the whisky?

Tom: By all means.

Santosh picked up the second filling and opened the second envelope. An A4 size sheet contained all the details with a photo. Santosh started sweating the moment he saw the photo. Tom offered him a couple of tissues to wipe his face.


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