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The Mystery Rider - 7

Updated on December 29, 2014

Killing the Dead Man

Santosh: (wiped his face): You must be joking. (Santosh looked tensed, he could not believe his eyes, the same very person he had shot five times was the target yet again. As per all possible records and as per his personal inspection the target was shot by Santosh and it was ten years from today that he had completed the assignment.)

Tom: I am not joking Santosh. (He sipped from his glass). We all know the truth that you were paid a huge sum to kill this man. It is ten years now and we know he is still alive.

Santosh: This is impossible.

Tom: We have done our research. Our men have followed his trail. He was underground for three years but then he surfaced again.

Santosh: I do not believe you.

Tom: In that case you can leave the packet on the table and leave. But I would like you to hear me out first. Trust me you still are the only man who can complete the job.

Santosh: Why me. If I have failed earlier then you should be counting me out.

Tom: You are the only one who nearly finished him last time. All those who tried earlier than you were killed even before they could reach him. You did your job thoroughly well Santosh. But the target was lucky as that day he was well protected and his men were close. You left the scene and they entered. Earlier whosoever tried to eliminate him or got close to him are all dead. Mind you, you almost finished him and yet the target does not have slightest idea that you were involved.

Santosh: But I still do not believe that he is alive.

Tom: His signature is all over the place. The same modus operandi and then again he is getting back to the same business. His roots are stronger now.

Santosh: But how does this man matter to you. You say that for seven years you are aware that he is alive and you did not bother, but all of a sudden he is the target. Why?

Tom: Well he has started bothering our people. And to add to it he is started establishing contacts in Europe. He was requested to stay away, but then it seems that his ambitions are larger than his shoes.

Santosh: So this is professional rivalry now. Earlier it was the same reason.

Tom: It is not professional rivalry, dear Santosh, (he sipped his whisky), this guy has killed five of our top men. He has warned us that anyone who stops him will meet the same fate. Last month his men were spotted in the American continent. We are now worried about our men. We don’t mind competition and we love to share. But this man gets greedy by the day. We have enquired and found that his present dealers are also finding it difficult to handle him as he has started to demand more money for the same consignments.

Santosh: But then I am still confused, you are a bigger organization and better men. I hope this is not a trap for my failure earlier.

Tom: Santosh I told you earlier as well, we are planning to get our costs aligned. The recent killings have affected business badly and we are in the process of realignment. At the same time we researched and found out that you were the closest to have the target eliminated. So here we are.

Santosh: (smirked) So I will be killing the Dead Man.

Tom: (as he continued to sip his whisky) Yes, We hope that you are second time lucky. A lot is dependent on you now.


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