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The Mystery of Superman

Updated on January 28, 2015

Superman is a classic super hero that everyone around the world knows and loves to this date. He resembles many things; it is hard to pin point just one. Unlike many super heroes we know today, Superman was actually created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, not Stan Lee. Superman became famous because of the comics he was in, but soon he became an icon. The character starred in cartoons, and thereafter, movies were made about him. In a way, he became a celebrity, even though he wasn’t real. What made this cartoon character stand out? What made people feel so attracted to the character? Something was done right, since he is still widely known around the world to this date.

Firstly, the colors of Superman must be analyzed. Superman’s colors are red, blue, and yellow. These colors catch your eyes right away. It makes him stand out against any background. Not only are these colors catchy, but I also believe they represent something. If one looks at the American flag, the colors tend to meet Superman, except the yellow, although yellow can be considered as the colors of the stars sometimes. The creators of Superman could have chosen these colors for him to stand out from a normal person, or they could have wanted him to be more appealing to the American readers. Only the creator of Superman knows that.

The next thing you might notice are his huge muscles. His muscles make him stand out from any other character you might see. The muscles make up the superhero. There cannot be a superhero without muscles and who is skinny since nobody will look up to the hero if he is a wimp himself. This is what makes him a “super” man. It makes him look stronger and more powerful against criminals that he might be fighting.

Just like the colors, his cape also seems to resemble a flag in the wind. The cape looks very graceful next to Superman. It is impossible to picture Superman without a big red cape, as it is part of his image. I believe the cape is used because Superman can fly. While flying, the character looks a lot more graceful with a cape fluttering in the background. The cape also stands out from the blue sky.

The most puzzling thing about Superman is his face. Every super hero wears a mask of some sort, Superman does not. All he does is change his outfit and he becomes Superman. He goes from an average Joe, to a super hero. So why do other characters not recognize who he really is? This was never evident to me, but it is just a trait of the character that is over looked because it just does not make sense.

Knee forward, fist tight, Superman is ready to fight. He seems like he has something always on his mind. The weight of the world is on him. He is the only one who can stop the crime in this city. The character of Superman must look this fierce in order to make him seem like you should not mess with him. He is dominant as he soars through the sky.

Everybody knows who Superman is just by his symbol, the diamond with an S in it. This symbol is known around the world. It is on T shirts, tattoos, cars, and many other things. This symbol has become an icon itself. It represents Superman, and if you are wearing that T shirt with the symbol on it, people look at you as if you are Superman. It is just a catchy symbol that people seemed to have fallen in love with.

Superman's place to escape his destiny is at the Daily Planet. The Daily Planet is the place where Superman works. He works there as a cover so nobody knows that he really is Superman. He looks powerful standing there, but the Daily Planet in the background is his secret demise. Putting this into the picture is significant since it shows that he is still a man. Along with Kryptonite, his alias is his weak point. This is the place of vulnerability, of friendship, and of love.

My connection with Superman is that he is the first super hero that I came across. What made me so interested in him is that he was an average looking guy, but when duty calls, he becomes much more than that. He has a lot of mystery behind him. It just fascinated me when I was little how complex his story was. It got even better when I watched the movies. It brought everything away from the cartoon and made him into a real person. I guess we all have a little Superman in us.


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