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The Mystical Magician

Updated on April 22, 2013

A silk top hat with satin band
White gloves adorned his skillful hands
A golden beast with emerald eyes
Tops his Kane as he strolls by

To call him master of his craft
Would scarcely scratch the skill he has
For he taught the ones from time long passed
And guides in our direction’s cast

With tip of hat or slight of hand
He makes clear water come from sand
No knives or making doves from silk
No playing cards or rabbit tricks

His craft is something less obscure
And cleanses hearts and makes minds pure
His magic stems from deep with in
And brings healing to the souls of men

Uttering olden rhyme and verse
his eyes can chase away the curse
He brings forth creatures from the past
So the truth might be known at last

From jack the ripper and English lore
To Dr. Jekyll and the souls he tore
This craftsman summons them from grave
So their atonement may be paid

He puts their souls out on display
But to him its more a cleansing way
Then sends them back into their time
Along with evidence of their crime

Dare you try to hide your sins
And stop him from exposing them
No my friend it can’t be done
For one day the truth will finally come

The magic summoned from within
That soothes the soul and hearts of men
His power wielding like an axe
That pools of iniquity he’ll attack

So beware the journey that you take
Be cautious of the turns you make
That life’s path not be forever formed
So you willll not earn the Magician’s scorn



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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for this fabulous poem. You are marvellous to be able to write such a poem.