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The Need For Certified Translation Services

Updated on July 25, 2016

Effective and accurate communication is an essential part of human life. For you to effectively communicate, people or your audience needs to effectively understand what you are saying or passing across. With globalization, professional translation is an integral part of any individual, business or organization that is seeking international presence. The following are reasons why you need certified translation services:

Internationally recognized standard

The world today is becoming a global village where people can travel from one region to another, have interactions and communications with people across the globe without necessarily being there physically, sell their products and services in different countries and so on and so forth. Certified translators have the capability to offer their services to an internationally recognized standard. They follow strict guidelines established in 2006 by the EUATC as a benchmark for quality professional services.

Spoken and written translations are important

In the past, people only required spoken translators to help them out with verbal communication especially when they visited foreign countries that do not speak their language. However today, the need for both spoken and written translation has increased. Students and professionals alike need written documents translated in their language. You can only get documents well translated by certified translators.


Certified translators do a complete documentation of the entire translation process. This therefore means that the management team can keep a close eye on what is happening during the translation process to ensure professionalism is maintained.


It is not easy to find someone who knows and understands several languages. However, when you seek the services of certified translators, your chance of finding someone or people with a broad knowledge of more than one language is high. Certified translators can specialize in different language bridges for example, Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, Swahili and other languages.

The translation process is always thorough

This is one of the most important things about certified translators. They do due diligence to ensure that the final document is perfectly translated. Before a final document is made, thorough checking of the draft is done to ensure that the right spelling is used, revision is done in case of problems, a professional review is done by another translator, proofreading is also conducted at all the stages and final professional verification is done together with the client.

Translators use credible and reputable resources

Certified translators ought to be conscious of a language’s mechanics and its cultural tone. In order to achieve this, they need to use credible resources when translating and be well versed with the latest changes in the language they are translating. The words that were used to refer to something in the past are not the same words that are being used today.


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