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The Need for Beauty

Updated on July 27, 2012

Who loves uglienes

Can you name a one?

the ugly in mind

the ugly in soul

the ugly in body

where ugly eyes

give place for ugly thoughts

and horrid reality bestow.

What do we love

when another we see

true, plastic only changes

what we see

but time tells the tell of that

for plastic replaces plastic

when rises the underneath

tis natural

and if you allow it true

that when you meet

when you love

it is love for self

that resonates

a piece of you with them

if you be lovely

they are too

each gravitates to their same

regardless of their points of view

i should correct myself

if I dare

who loves the ugly?

you see

the ugly love the ugly

but they see those things as beauty

so it almost amounts to the same

to an animal their like they claim

so when you see beauty

it may be marred on the top

but the quality within

undeniably plain

is view-able if present

as the beauty within


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    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Honestly, I could discourse on this for a while although as a professional I find that my view runs counter to my craft. Wealthy men can have unfettered views and even promote them if they can find a way to manipulate society to the point where doing so is sustainable. I am not such but in my personal view I draw a difference between self care and vanity. Vanity as I understand it is the art of using things to create an illusion or false reality. It is a form of conformity that places the person in a category favorable to the life style that they wish to partake of. It doesn't touch that person's true nature or beliefs. It is entirely materialistic and fake.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      6 years ago from TEXAS

      As you say, what's the point of vanity?

      Yet one can observe vanity in animals, so it's not an unnatural tendency.

      I've known people who were extraordinarily beautiful (my mother was such a one) who just had no concern for vanity. My Dad was raised a Mennonite, and scoffed at vanity, but I've no doubt he appreciated her beauty & it must have played a part in his marrying outside his religion! She always said that the best compliment he ever gave her was that he was never bored with her! That surely played a major part in his choide, too. That's a pretty good compliment and she was ok with it.

      If Mother remembered to put on a little emollient in the dry arid climate where we lived, it was just to keep from feeling dry and flaky. If she had to wear 'makeup' it was a dab of lipstick at most. It was much like her attitude about food, "I don't live to eat; I eat to live." She had so many other priorities, from taking care of her family and helping & doing-for others, to being an artist and seamstress and on and on. She was active in her church and Art club, always ready with a helping hand. She helped my Dad literally carve a life from a wilderness and raise 4 children. She cooked everything that was eaten 'from scratch' and going out was so rare, I really don't recall any times unless we were traveling. There was never enough time in the day - she'd go to bed @ 9PM & be up @ 4AM to get started.

      She was double college graduate, a teacher, a designer, & an artist. Though she painted in the muted colors of the landscape in which she worked, she enjoyed bright colors personally (she said 'any color just so it's red, though there others she loved), -She wore them for the sheer joy of it but they did suit her vivid coloring well. She had a natural 'presence' & style, but I NEVER saw her 'primping' or 'preening'. I doubt if she really paid attention to how she looked. Her hair was thin & flyaway, so she had to try to manage it, but from necessity, not vanity. Even in her older years, I'd put her up against any 'beauty' of the day and she'd come off well. I was born when she was 40 and I never saw her looking or acting "old"! She died at just 82.

      Many a plain-Jane works so hard at looking good that she's much more vain than a naturally beautiful person with more valuable interests than looks. The time & effort devoted to vanity could be so much more constructively used to develop all the person's talents, interests and worth. How pitiful when someone feels so self-conscious and badly about looks that she/he even resorts to surgery and implants to try to make up for it. How can the mental self-doubt be replaced by that, knowing it's fake?

      I've several anomalies in my 'looks'. I'm monocular - my right eye is virtually blind & had to be trained to seem to focus with the other one; in fact, I'm very one-sided and my entire right side is less 'alive' and more subject to problems than the other, plus they just don't 'match'. I had to train myself to smile on my right side. My one dimple is on the left side. My hair is also thin and flyaway. Varicose veins in my 20s required they be 'stripped', leaving evidence I've lived with ever since. My bones were always fragile & I could just slip on a wet sidewalk and break one. But I got over feeling 'less than' and mow I'm 80 and am fairly youthful; but, sure, I have wrinkles and other signs of longevity. I take good care of myself for the sake of health & it happens that 'healthy' happens to look pretty good. Do I care how I look? Sure, but it's honest self-respect, authenticity and a desire to make every moment I live count to be able to serve my purposes in life which prompt me to continue courageously. Anyone who's putting faith in vanity is really on thin ice, I think. It may rise and fall and come and go in one's life, but it's not a reliable gauge of worth, value or even beauty! Beauty that doesn't arise from within is an empty cup to begin with. I feel very sorry for those who try to "find themselves" in their vanity.

      You are so right to squelch any feelings of physical insecurity (or any kind) by focusing on the positives of your life and your service to them!

    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Why thank you my dear, and yes it seems like you have a firm grasp on what I meant when I wrote this. I personally don't see the point in vanity although from time to time I have found myself harboring what might pass for physical insecurity. Whenever that happens I go find something more useful to do. Finding someone to serve or help usually makes all such notions fly to the back burner as it were.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      6 years ago from TEXAS

      An excellent look at beauty for what it is - one's perception of another person or thing. The perception may be enhanced by pleasant physical characteristics, but those can change perception if there's no beauty inside. It's the traits of beauty in the beautiful one's whole being which wins real admiration and lasts beyond years and changes to the images of the external.

      When external beauty fades, those still shine beautifully.

      A lovely poem!

      How wise to mention the futility of trying to enhance beauty by plastic!

      A haunting photo!

    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      And so you understand my meaning and my drift that both are virtues, the latter over the former but still there is not love except some perception of beauty be present even if that perception is a deceptive presence of one's own traits in another.

    • whonunuwho profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      Yes beauty is a thing that may not be seen on the surface, yet there simply can't be anything more wonderful beneath, in the depths of the soul of all living things. Nice hub.


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